How you appear online can vastly affect your practice.  We have a few tips to help maintain your online legal profile. After all, more and more clients are turning to the internet for more information about attorneys, whether they have been referred by a friend or not. The first step is to be sure you are aware of all of your profiles... and monitor them.

Create Your Online Legal Profile

Consider sites like Google Profile or LinkedIn. In addition, services including Yelp, Google, Bar Associations, and online attorney search tools like SimpleLaw, enhance your online presence. Remember, with the information you include in your online profile, create a unique position for yourself and give clients a reason to choose you.

Manage Profiles and Reviews

Interact with your clients online. Respond to both negative and positive comments. Saying "Thank You" or asking unsatisfied clients to contact you to address their concerns goes a long way to developing a positive online profile.

Keep Profile Information Updated

Make sure your profiles are reviewed regularly and updated appropriately. Potential new clients will quickly move on if contact information isn't reliable.

Make Sure Images are Crisp and Clean

Seems like a no-brainer, but it can be tough to get just the right image and clarity without graphic support. Make sure all images you use present you and your firm in the best possible light.

Monitor Your Online Profile Traffic

Monitor the traffic and review the feedback to your online profiles. It will help you learn what your clients like and what they don't so you can adjust your profiles as needed.

Naturally, these recommendations extend to every platform where your online legal profile exists. Make it part of your monthly or quarterly business review to update sites. Make sure new contact information, added team members, or perhaps an additional area of law are reflected. In the end, a strong online profile will help you grow your firm.

Download the 'Tips on Maintaining Your Online Legal Profile' Infographic


Written by SimpleLaw