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Do You Know What To Look For In An Attorney?

When you need an attorney, you have a lot on your mind. But what makes a good attorney

  • Geography: Laws can vary by location - at the city, county, and state levels - commonly referred to as jurisdiction. Be sure the attorney is licensed and experienced in your area.
  • Experience: Speaking of experience... does the attorney practice in the area of law you need? Family Law is different from Real Estate Law. What area of law is your need?
  • Good Standing: We don't mean their height or stature. Each attorney is licensed by their state. If the attorney has not experienced any formal complaints with their state licensing authority, that means they are in good standing. Do you know how to check yours? With SimpleLaw, we have done that for you already.
  • Billing Type: What billing options are there for your case and which is best for you? Hourly, Flat, mix of Hourly/Flat, Contingent are the most common. Ask your attorney which billing types they offer and what is best for your case.
  • Tech powered: More like tech superpowered! Does your attorney use technology? Like all areas of life these days, technology drives efficiency. And efficiency means less time billed for case management, potentially reducing your actual cost.
  • Client Access: Does your attorney use software that offers a portal for their clients? The portal lets you log in and see the status of your case, 24/7. That includes submitting needed documents, reviewing notes on the matter, see upcoming due dates, monitor time and billing as it happens, and so much more. SimpleLaw gives clients a free portal.

Find the Right Lawyer

When you need to find a lawyer, it can be time-consuming. Connect with one or more lawyers in one spot. No need to filter through emails. The information is all in the client portal.

Transparent Time Tracking

Clients log in anytime to see the real-time status of hours billed and how the time is spent. Less time required by the attorney to update you and that saves money too. 

24/7 Access

You have access to your case, 24/7. No need to wait for an attorney to call you back, wonder what is happening with your case, or sort through emails to figure it out.

Secure Communication Portal

Upload documents, answer questions, and view and pay invoices securely through the client portal. Reduce legal costs by limiting the time your attorney spends on admin.

Save Time & Money 

You hired an attorney to interpret and apply the law to your best interest. Let them do that instead of managing documents, invoices, following up on payment and the like.

Ease The Stress

Clients who hire an attorney who uses technology that gives clients a portal are happier. They are less stressed because they feel informed, empowered, and valued.



Simple for Clients

Built by lawyers who understand what clients really want, the SimpleLaw platform connects you with quality attorneys, and gives you full insight along every step of your case, 24/7. Eliminate the guessing and endless searching through email, and know the status of your matter. Simple.

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"SimpleLaw has made document management easy, communication transparent, and clients happier. With the private secure client portal, my clients have real-time access to the status of their case. It's so easy to invoice and receive payments, too. Therefore, I have more time to practice law, not worry about paperwork."
Haripriya Medikundum, Esq.
Solo Attorney
"SimpleLaw is the legal case and practice management software that delivers. No integration, on-demand vetted paralegal services, and a great user interface. This is the technology that truly supports the management of cases and growth of my practice. I highly recommend SimpleLaw to solo attorneys and small firms."
Michael Taege
Taege Law Firm