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Polish your personal injury practice.

We get it—personal injury law requires a lot of documents, medical reports, and everything in between. SimpleLaw case management software is here to help you take back control.

personal injury

SimpleLaw for personal injury law.

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Seamless Client Support

Make it simple for clients.

  • Optional client portal
  • Custom intake fields and forms
  • 24/7 access for the firm and clients
task management

Manage It All

Maximize task efficiency.

  • Create and assign tasks and appointments
  • Document automation
  • All documents in one place by matter

Report and Forecast

Accurately track billing figures.

  • Flexible billing cycle
  • Track and forecast revenue
  • Powerful invoicing tools

Centralized information.

SimpleLaw gathers all the info you need in one convenient place. Now, you can securely store all essential case details, like client information, case histories, deadlines, and correspondence, in a centralized platform.

And the best part? Both clients and the law firm can access this one-stop source of information. SimpleLaw has an optional client portal that gives the client seamless access to their case details, notes, and updates in real-time. And of course, their task list. It's a win-win situation for both the client and the firm.

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Active task management.

Tasks are absolutely crucial. And for personal injury attorneys, timeliness is the name of the game.

Enter SimpleLaw, the ultimate task monitor. With our reminder features—and yes, we even go all out with red when things are overdue—no one on the team can escape the fact that they have tasks due.

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Efficient billing and forecasts.

Most settlements rely on percentage calculations, but sometimes you need an exact figure. And what about all those pesky expenses? Well, fret no more! SimpleLaw has got you covered.

Ready to take it to the next level? How about forecasting your revenue? Yup, we can do that too. With our amazing custom fields and powerhouse reporting tool, you can keep a close watch on that future cash flow.

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Streamline client intake.

Personal injury attorneys need some key details to determine if that initial consultation is necessary. With SimpleLaw's software, you can effortlessly add a customized intake form to your website. Get all the information you need to decide on the next steps, if any.

Need more info? SimpleLaw users can email intake forms to leads. Our customized intake forms are available at the lead, client, and matter levels. It's that simple.

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Transform your personal injury practice.

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SimpleLaw gives us the tools we need without complications. It's easy to learn and use. Our adoption process was so smooth.

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