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One Toolbox for All of Your Matters.

It’s one thing to have all of the tools you need to manage your case and practice. It’s an entirely different thing to have all of those tools and the information you need in one platform. We built SimpleLaw to give you just that.

All of your case documents are easily viewed in SimpleLaw. And, because these files are never saved in SimpleLaw, it's greater data security, too.

Some other features: 

  • Automated Time Tracking with SimpleLaw lets you track your time...automatically. Time is tracked by matter for easy billing. Just enter the description of the work, save, and it's all done. At a glance, you and your client can view logged billable hours. You can even keep track of non-billable hours for efficiency analysis and make manual additions and edits to your tally.

  • On-Demand Paralegal Support: We are lawyers, too. We know case loads can get heavy. And, you may need an assist. So, we have vetted, on-demand NALA paralegals ready to go.

  • Co-Counsel and Referral: In our ever-shrinking world, cases are crossing jurisdictions and practice areas with growing regularity. As a result, you may need to engage with co-counsel for an ongoing matter. With client approval, co-counsel can have access to existing matter information, immediately. Same goes for referral. 

  • With Automated Invoice creation, all recorded time and expenses that are billable and not yet invoiced, will automatically appear on your next invoice with the click of a button. And we offer a variety of invoice layouts, all customizable with your law firm logo.

  • LawPay is an integrated partner of SimpleLaw, too. And one LawPay account per law firm is included in your SimpleLaw subscription cost. We know how important it is to give your clients the option to pay online with a provider who understands legal billing.

  • The Case Journal gives you the option to record notes that are visible to the client or not. Our client users tell us these are really important to them, giving them insight on their matter, 24/7, eliminating some of their worry.
  • ...and so much more including integrations with DocuSign, Dropbox, Gmail/Google Drive/Google Calendar , Outlook Suite, CalendarRules, and Quickbooks Online
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