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Solve your pain points. 

Improve client satisfaction, give your firm more time to practice law, and streamline it all with SimpleLaw.


Effective Organization

Manage it all, from agreement to resolution.

  • Law firm information in one spot
  • Customized and assignable workflows
  • Securely accessible, 24/7

Simplify Data Collection

Optimize data collection.

  • Unlimited customizable intake forms
  • Web forms to autofill the CRM
  • Forms available via portal or email

Valuable Insight

Customizable reporting to gain insights.

  • Understand your firm's health
  • High level real-time status
  • Past results, too

Design, assign, and follow up on tasks.

Create tasks for each case, anytime. Add as much detail—due dates, status changes, and more—as you want. See all tasks in one place. You can assign the task to anyone in your law firm, too.

Set and sync calendar appointments with painless integration features. That's how you Think Simple.

Automate your document processes.

SimpleLaw's document automation allows you to streamline your law firm's processes.

Use custom intake forms and fields to get the information you need. You can create reusable, automatically-filled templates to save even more time.

Then sit back and let the automation do the rest.


Connect with clients effortlessly.

SimpleLaw connects attorneys directly with potential clients. And there is no fee if you gain a new client or matter. 

Subscribing attorneys have 24/7 access to vetted certified paralegals nationwide to help with case work.

Need to refer a case? Simple. Our case referral and co-counsel process is quick and done right in the portal.

Engage via client portal.

Our optional client portal has everything you need to connect with your client, share documents, assign tasks, and give them the visibility they want and need. You choose who has portal access or not. With a granular permission set and individual setting options, the firm chooses what each specific client sees.

Clients have 24/7 case access, with messaging that keeps all communication secure and centralized.

There's no additional cost for this portal either—talk about value!

client intake and crm

Manage relationships with a powerful CRM.

When potential clients contact your firm directly, it's easy to add them to the built-in CRM. Get the information your firm wants when a potential client connects, with custom form options.

Assign each lead to separate members of your firm. And after all is said and done, SimpleLaw lets you stay connected with clients so that they can come back for more.

Dynamic time tracking and invoicing.

Use SimpleLaw's responsive time tracking tools to ensure that your firm's time is worthwhile.

With a range of billing types from flat fee to LEDES invoicing, the billing process is simple. Create invoices in a single click, or in batches. Online payments of all types are supported.

Control the frenzy with SimpleLaw.

billing cycle
conflict checking

Avoid conflicts of interest.

Our built-in conflict check process ensures that conflicts of interest are flagged. Whether a past or current client, opposing members of a case, or past leads, the system checks it all.

Search on a name or email address. From there, it's up to the firm to decide.

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