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Powerful client relationships.

Built right into the case management software, our contact relationship management solution helps manage every lead and opportunity so that you never miss either.


Customizable Intake Forms

Easy, accessible client intake.

  • Fully customizable intake forms
  • Easy addition of clients to built-in CRM
  • Custom fields

Task and Lead Allocation

Assign tasks and leads across the firm.

  • Distribute leads to anyone in the firm
  • Create tasks with due dates, notes, appointments, and more

Client Tracking

Track conversion rates and maximize every relationship.

  • Automatic client information population
  • Extensive email functionalities to stay in touch after the case

Get the information that matters.

Give visitors to your website the option to submit their information on your fully customizable form and it goes right to your SimpleLaw account. Need more information from them? Email additional intake forms.

When potential clients contact your firm directly, it's easy to add them to the built-in CRM. Get the information your firm wants when a potential client connects. Custom fields let you specify your own requested information too.

Delegate your tasks for optimal productivity.

SimpleLaw lets you assign each lead to any member of your firm. No more leads falling through the cracks.

Create tasks with due dates, notes, appointments, and more. Assign them to anyone in the law firm. No more missed opportunities for potential business.


Ensure the best client experience, from start to finish.

All those notes, tasks, and contact info appears in the SimpleLaw matter—no need to enter information again. It's all there.

Staying in contact with past clients is easy with SimpleLaw. By staying in touch, your firm becomes top-of-mind. Send an email with tips or share news about the firm with our extensive email features.

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