We created the legal tech platform our law firm and clients needed.

Founded by attorneys, the SimpleLaw platform delivers all the tools attorneys need to grow and manage their firm and keep their clients informed.


Founded by Attorneys for Attorneys and Their Clients

There are many options out there for legal technology, from individual applications to full platforms. But none that gave us what we needed and what our clients wanted. So we built it. All on one platform.

One Platform 

Potential clients and attorneys connect on the same platform where the case is managed.


Eliminate redundant processes and automate as much as possible.


Case information in one spot, 24/7, accessible by attorneys, clients, and paralegals.


Simple for Attorneys.
Simple for Clients.

We know what attorneys and clients need. Because we are attorneys too. We looked at available legal technology. Sure, some of it is pretty snazzy. But, the problems are, well, problems.

Document integration issues are a pain. Having to work with the software provider to actually get your own documents out of the system is just a hassle. So, we fixed it. And then, we got on a roll.  

Clients need software to access the status of their case if they are part of the team to resolve it. So, we built that. We know sometimes attorneys need a hand. So, we offer on-demand, vetted paralegal support. 

And we continue to add new features and benefits based on our users' needs, harnessing the power of great technology. Automatic time tracking and Task Management are some of our newest enhancements. Key integrations like LawPay, Quickbooks Online, Google suite, Outlook suite, Dropbox and DocuSign are also available.

And we aren't done enhancing the platform yet.

Our focus remains on providing the right legal technology to optimize the attorneys’ time so they can practice law instead of managing the administrative side and keep the client informed, giving them peace of mind.

All on one platform. Simple.


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About Our Founders

SimpleLaw was born after our co-founders, Praveen Medikundam, Esq., and Samuel Alemu, Esq., found they were constantly being asked to refer clients and contacts to various attorneys with the skill set needed to resolve their legal matter. 

So the idea of giving potential clients one platform to find a vetted attorney and manage their case was born.

Knowing that technology was available to attorneys to manage their cases and practice, the platform came to life. All the functionality attorneys need is on the platform, and not much else. Technology is a tool that allows attorneys to spend more time practicing law, not managing their technology.

And the vision and purpose of SimpleLaw continues to expand and grow. But one thing we promise. Whatever we do, it's all to give attorneys the tools they need to be efficient so they can spend more time practicing law and support the client to bring them greater peace of mind.

"SimpleLaw is the legal case and practice management software that delivers. No integration, on-demand vetted paralegal services, and a great user interface. This is the technology that truly supports the management of cases and growth of my practice."
Michael Taege
Taege Law Firm
"SimpleLaw has made document management easy, communication transparent, and clients happier. With the private secure client portal, my clients have real-time access to the status of their case. It's so easy to invoice and receive payments, too. Therefore, I have more time to practice law, not worry about paperwork."
Haripriya Medikundum, Esq.
Solo Attorney

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