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That's the only choice you make. All our functionality is included. 

Free Monthly Annually Enterprise
Monthly Price $0 $49 $39 Custom
What's included:
Connect with Potential Clients
One Free Paralegal Account
LawPay Account
Access to On-Demand Paralegal Support
Time tracking, Invoicing, Online Payment
Conflict Checking
Messaging to Clients and Your Firm
Simple Co-Counsel and Referral
Integrated HubSpot CRM
Discounts on APIs
More Good Stuff
No open or active cases for 30 consecutive days? No cost.
Priced per attorney, per month, paid in advance
Priced per attorney, per month, paid monthly
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Why Re-Create the Wheel?

DocuSign and CalendarRules are the only two features that you have the choice to pay extra for. Not us. You pay them. For whatever you want. But it all works great with SimpleLaw.

  • Subscription FAQ's

    What is included in my Subscription?

    Full access to the SimpleLaw platform, including one LawPay account per subscribing law firm. Additional features, such as CalendarRules and DocuSign, are optional and payment for those services is made directly to the provider.

    What if I am moving from a different platform? Is there a fee to move my files?

    We love welcoming new users! If you have files to move, or need help making the transition, we can do that for you. For the most part, we are happy to do that free of charge.  

    What if I don't have any active cases?

    You shouldn't have to pay for software if you aren't using it! If you have no matters in the Open status for a consecutive 30-day period, you will not be charged for that period. We credit your account with an additional month at the end of the existing term in those situations. 

    Are there any fees to have my profile on the platform?

    Including your profile on the SimpleLaw platform is always free. If you gain a new matter or new client from the platform, there is never a fee for that either. 

    What can I do to attract more potential clients to my law firm?

    The must-haves include a crisp and clear profile picture, having your educational experience complete, and including links to Yelp or other online review sites of your firm. The easier you make it for the client to learn about you and your firm, the better results you will have. 

  • Support for Subscribers FAQs

    What kind of support is available when starting to use SimpleLaw?

    We know using a new software tool can be challenging at the beginning. But we are here to help, every step of the way. Every subscribing attorney user is matched with a support person who will book up to 5 one-on-one meetings with you to help get you started. We offer a full on-demand video 'how-to' guide that's available 24/7. And of course, you can ask questions anytime. 


    What if I have an idea for an upgrade?

    We are all ears! Most of our enhancements are the product of attorney user recommendations. We listen and we act, as long as it helps other attorneys on the platform. 


    Tell me about security.

    We are very aware of the sensitivity of legal documents and the potential issue of storing them all online. But rest assured, we take every step to protect your data. From the fact that we do not store your documents on our server, to ongoing upgrades to potential security threats. Information traveling to and from the site is encrypted. We have 24/7 monitoring of phishing, hacking, etc. attacks. And more. We are attorneys too so we get the importance of all of it.