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Get the information you need and put it to work for you.

You know the data you need. Clients have it. Make it simple.


Doesn't it seem like it should be easier to gather the information you need from each client and be able to put it to work?

Wait no more. With our Custom Fields, Custom Intake forms, and Document automation, SimpleLaw seriously streamlines it all.

It's time to Think Simple.  

Unique Law Firm Needs: Custom Fields

Maximizing the client experience starts with knowing your clients. Maximizing law firm productivity needs data, too. But it can be a lot of information to track. 

  • Create custom fields to gather the specific information for your firm.
  • Use the information from custom fields to automate document completion. Or not.
  • Data is securely stored and easily accessible through the platform. 
  • For the law firm eyes only. 

Track the information your law firm needs. See this feature in action. Book a demo today.

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Case Info Needs: Custom Intake Forms 

Each case has its own set of data requirements. And your client has that information.

Why not put the technology to work to gather that information so it can be used in further processes?

Put an end to redundant processes gathering information and then re-entering it to documents.

Create as many intake forms as you need. Use custom fields or give the client access to submit the information. Use the information to complete documents in a few clicks, not several minutes. 

Join us in the revolution to Think Simple.

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Put It All To Work: Document Automation  

How frustrating is it to copy and paste the data you have stored, over and over again? What a waste of your awesome legal skills.

With SimpleLaw Document Automation, fill forms automatically using the data you already store. And we don't limit it to Case Details. Use Custom Fields and Client Intake details too. 

Create forms by case. Create templates that are reusable, across cases, that are filled automatically. No need to copy and paste seemingly random code. Just point and click.

You've got to see it to believe it. 


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It's time to Think Simple. Make your tomorrows easier, too.

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SimpleLaw is founded by attorneys. We were sitting where you are not too long ago. Dealing with the same mundane admin tasks, losing out on billable time, chasing down payments and paralegal help, and wanting to throw our computers at the wall every time one software program didn’t talk to another.

We know what you need, because we needed it too.

So we built it.