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SimpleLaw Features

The best legal case management software for clients and attorneys alike.

Time to celebrate—you've found it! Whether it's client intake, case management, billing cycle, automation, or reporting, SimpleLaw's got it.

External Network Access

SimpleLaw's law practice management software provides you access to a vast, high-quality network of potential clients, paralegals, and co-counsel resources.


→ Connect with Clients

Potential clients can find your profile on the SimpleLaw website. No fees for new clients or cases. We also have a vetting process to make sure that the clients are ready to hire, not just looking for free advice.


→ On-Demand Paralegal Support

SimpleLaw partners with NALA, the leading paralegal association representing more than 18,000 paralegals nationwide. Their certified paralegals add their profiles to SimpleLaw so you get the help you need, whatever the task at hand, whenever it's needed.


→ Co-Counsel and Case Referral

The co-counsel and case referral process is easy as 1, 2, 3: we verify attorneys first, then you can search and the client confirms the attorney, whether as co-counsel or a referral. Stop spending all that time emailing or calling fellow attorneys to see if they are available for a new case. With SimpleLaw, you can also search for co-counsel right through the platform to save time.


Learn more about External Network Access

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Matter Management

It's all about resolving legal issues. But the difference is how that is achieved. Improve client satisfaction, give your firm more time to practice law, and streamline it all with SimpleLaw.


→ Attorney-Client Agreement 

Send, track, and receive the agreement, right through the portal. Agreements are customizable to each matter, with a signed copy automatically attached. No manual processes here.


→ Workflows

For case types that follow a standard process, workflows automate and assign the creation of tasks, appointments, and documents. Simple, right?


→ Optional Client Portal

Our 24/7 secure optional client portal has everything you need for your clients to share documents, see their tasks and appointments, complete intake forms, view and pay invoices, and more. You choose who has portal access, what they can see with our granular permission set and individual setting options. There is no additional cost for this portal—how about that?


→ Conflict Checking

Our built-in conflict checking process ensures that conflicts of interest are flagged. Whether a past or current client, opposing members of a case, or past leads, the system checks it all. From there, it's up to the firm to decide.


→ Secure Messaging

Managing multiple messaging channels is not only challenging, but time consuming. With SimpleLaw's online messaging tool, all communication is kept secure and centralized.


→ Calendar and Task Management

Create tasks for the law firm, leads, or clients. Add as much detail as you want, with due dates, status changes, and more all in one place. If you're feeling overwhelmed, assign tasks to anyone in your law firm as well as access on-demand paralegal support. With SimpleLaw, setting and syncing appointments is simple... and automatic.


Learn more about Matter Management

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Flexible Billing Cycle

An efficient and accurate billing process ensures the firm's time is
invoiced correctly. With SimpleLaw, law firms have options on how best to track time so that you can spend more of it practicing law.


→ Unlimited Responsive Time Tracking

You control the clock, with unlimited (one per matter!) smart technology that keeps tracking, even if you're in the zone or the display goes to sleep.


→ Compatible Billing Types

We offer a wide variety of billing types so that you can offer what clients need.

  • Hourly
  • Flat Fee
  • Installment Payments
  • Trust
  • Contingent
  • Pro Bono
  • LEDES Invoicing


→ Adaptable Invoice Creation

You have the flexibility to create invoices by case, client, or in batch mode—taking into account the billing date range and due dates. Found something that needs to be updated? No problem. 'Undo' invoices, make your adjustments, and create the corrected invoice.


→ Secure Online Payment

Clients view and pay invoices right through the platform using your law firm's LawPay account or ACH. Through the LawPay integration, clients can pay via credit card or e-check. You can also choose to pay offline or through Quickbooks.


Learn more about the Flexible Billing Cycle

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Client Intake & CRM

Built right into the case management software, our contact relationship management solution helps manage every lead and opportunity so that you never miss either. Don't underestimate the power of a great potential client experience.


→ Customizable Intake Forms

Give visitors to your website the option to submit their information on your fully customized form. Need more info? Send additional custom intake forms. Create as many forms as you need. With custom fields, get all the information your law firm needs per contact. 


→ Task and Lead Allocation

SimpleLaw lets you assign leads and tasks to any member of your firm. Make notes with specific feedback, include due dates, set appointments, and more. Actively manage your leads to increase your client roster.


→ Client Tracking

Track conversion rates from leads to clients, with all the notes, tasks, and contact information entered. Even after the case, stay in touch with clients through the CRM to share tips about recent changes in law or news about the firm.


Learn more about Client Intake & CRM

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Document Automation

With custom fields and intake forms, document automation is simple. Your clients have the information... let them give it to you. Then you can put all that information to work. 


→ Custom Fields

Track the information your law firm needs by creating custom fields. From there, it can be used in document completion, reporting, and more, all through secure data storage and direct access.


→ Document Automation

Fill forms automatically using the data you already store. You can use custom fields and client intake details too. Create reusable, automatically-filled templates without the hassle of cutting and pasting... who has time for that?


Learn more about Document Automation

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At SimpleLaw, your data is our priority. We make sure our security is strong, robust, and top-of-the-line. With constant monitoring and improvement, you can be sure that your data is in good hands.


→ Unique Firm Domain

Because we implement the best encryption technologies for your firm, each account on SimpleLaw has its own unique domain. This type of domain privacy protection shields personal data in the system from unauthorized access. Not only do we maximize your privacy, but we take extra steps to ensure it.


→ Data Encryption

Data encryption is where data is changed into a new form—like a secret code—so that it's harder for unwanted users to access. To protect all data traveling to and from the SimpleLaw platform, we encrypt everything so that your data is safe and sound.


→ Malware, Virus, and Phishing Protection

The most common data threats are malware, computer viruses, and email phishing. We monitor for all of that 24/7 to catch them before they reach you.


→ Trusted Integrations

Some case management software platforms integrate with hundreds of other pieces of software, but each integration is another potential data threat. That's why SimpleLaw only integrates with a handful of key, vetted software providers that we know don't pose that threat.

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