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Billing done right.

With SimpleLaw, law firms have access to an efficient and accurate billing process that ensures the firm's time is invoiced correctly.


Unlimited Responsive Time Tracking

Software that keeps you on track.

  • Unlimited number of responsive time trackers
  • Smart clock technology to adapt from case to case
  • Manual entry and mobile option

Billing Types and Invoice Creation

A wide range of billing types, flexible invoices.

  • Hourly, flat fee, installment, and many more billing types
  • Create invoices by case, client, or in batch mode
  • Direct-to-client invoice system

Secure Online Payment

Transactions that are quick, easy, and maximally protected.

  • Clients view and pay directly through the platform
  • Credit card, LawPay, Quickbooks options included
  • Add a link to any online payment page to invoices

Track your time effectively.

With SimpleLaw's responsive time tracking, you control the clock. Start, pause, or stop the clock. Need to switch the timer to a new matter? Just click Start, and the timer on the previous matter automatically pauses. You can also add manual entries with the simple click of a button.

You have access to an unlimited number of responsive time trackers—one for each matter. Smart technology ensures that the timer keeps going, even if you're moving around online, taking a call, or having your computer sleep.

On the go? Track time from wherever you are with our mobile option. Simple.

Billing types to support all situations.

Pick what works best for you and the client, case by case. SimpleLaw offers you a range of billing types for all your needs:

  • Hourly
  • Flat Fee
  • Installment Payments
  • Trust
  • Contingent
  • Pro Bono
  • LEDES Invoicing

Create invoices with a single click.

The invoice creation process can be done by case, client, or in batch mode. All billable entries auto-populate the new invoice. Offer discounts (or not, we don't judge).

Create in batches by choosing a billing date range and invoices are automatically created for each and every case on the platform.

After you review your invoices, send them to the client with a click of a button. Clients can log in and pay right through their portal, too.

Quick, easy, and secure payment.

Clients view and pay invoices right through the platform. They can choose to use your law firm's LawPay account or ACH.

Online payment can be done with credit card or e-check right through the portal, via LawPay. If you prefer offline payment, that's an option too.

SimpleLaw also offers an option to connect your QuickBooks account. From then on, it's sync city.


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