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Getting Started

Not really.... but it is a feature we offer.

We connect potential clients and attorneys on the same platform where the case and practice are managed, making it a 24/7 business development system.

There are never any fees for attorneys to include their profile on SimpleLaw. Likewise, there are no fees if you gain a new client or matter.

We verify attorneys are in good standing with their licensing authority before approving profiles. 

Whenever you are ready, you can add your attorney profile.

It's all about the clients searching the site for attorneys.

Depending on your location, area of expertise, and overall demand for your services, clients will connect with you.

Be sure your profile is complete. Include a professional image, full details on your education, and links to Yelp or other online review sites.

The easier you make it for the potential client to 'get to know you', the more likely they are to connect with you.


Using SimpleLaw

Attorneys pay $49 per user per month, billed monthly, and $39 per user per month when billed annually. Discounts are available to firms with 4 or more paid subscriptions.

SimpleLaw offers 1 free paralegal/legal secretary user per law firm. We are attorneys too and we get what it takes to run a law firm.

We have limited additional integrations with QuickBooks, DocuSign, and LawPay, that attorneys can choose to activate or not. Any incremental fees are paid directly to the provider.

We are endorsed by several Bar Associations. If you are a member, additional discounts are available. For a list of partner bar associations, check the Partners page. If you don't see your association, contact them and tell them you want SimpleLaw.

For more information about pricing, check out the Pricing page, contact us, or use the chat feature on the bottom right of the website.

It’s simple. A subscribing attorney can search for a vetted paralegal from a list of criteria, including by geographic area, area of law, or name.

Once the details of the engagement are determined, select the permission set and add the paralegal to your SimpleLaw portal. 

If an attorney is in need of a co-counsel with expertise in a specific area of law, they can search for attorneys already on the platform, or they can invite an attorney they know to the platform.

The same goes for when a case must be referred.

Once approved by the client, all approved parties (the attorney, the client, and the referred-to or co-counsel attorney) can view the details of the case. Think of SimpleLaw as your online community of attorneys, paralegals, and potential clients.

All SimpleLaw functionality is included in the subscription fee. No tiered pricing or benefits here.

One of the features included is one you can't see—expanded data security. Because each law firm has their own unique URL, there is a level of added data security. 

SimpleLaw includes all the tools you need to manage cases and your practice, including:

  • Connecting with potential clients
  • Finding co-counsel
  • Referring cases
  • Optional client portal
  • Contact relationship manager (CRM)
  • Time tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Billing types (including hourly, flat fee, pro bono, contingency, trust, and LEDES)
  • Easy invoice creation (by client, matter, for selected cases, or in batch mode)
  • Online payment for clients with either LawPay or ACH
  • Notes on the case, visible to the client or not
  • Task management
  • Conflict checking
  • Document management
  • Document automation
  • Custom client intake forms
  • Custom fields
  • Key integrations



SimpleLaw integrates with Google and Outlook for email and calendaring. That means sending email from the SimpleLaw portal is just like sending it from your external email address. But tracked by matter. No need to search through emails to match communications to matters.

SimpleLaw subscribers have options for where to store their data, including on our servers, powered by AWS. Prefer Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive from Microsoft? No problem.

SimpleLaw integrates with LawPay, a leader in managing payments specifically for the legal industry. Clients are used to submitting payments online. Why not let them do it for their legal matter, too?

SimpleLaw offers bi-lateral syncing with QuickBooks. So whether invoices and payments are submitted on SimpleLaw or QuickBooks, the data is easily shared between the two platforms.

DocuSign offers electronic signature capabilities for their subscribers. Pick the plan that fits your law firm needs. Send documents for e-signature right through the platform, complete with tracking throughout. 


Getting Started

Clients use SimpleLaw because they can find and contact multiple attorneys in one place. No need to enter multiple searches, send multiple emails, or track who has responded and who hasn’t

And SimpleLaw has vetted the attorneys, too, so clients don't have to.

Search for an attorney based on geography, area of law, or even the law firm name. Clients review the profiles of attorneys that fit their search criteria and then select the specific attorneys to connect with.

From there, one email connects the client with these selected attorneys. And all of that information is stored on the secure private portal, so there's no need to track or manage individual emails.


Complete the Client Profile. Look for the follow-up emails and you are off to the races.

Sometimes it takes lawyers a while to get back to you. But know we are here to help you. 

Let us know you are having trouble getting a lawyer to reply or respond. We will reach out to the attorney or help you identify other options. Or both.


Using SimpleLaw

Clients can log in anytime, 24/7, to see the latest on their case, including:

  • Case fundamentals including the Attorney-Client agreement and the basis of the matter.
  • Invoices and Payments: See the status of all invoices, all the time. 
  • Documents: Uploaded by you or by the attorney, all documents are in one place.
  • Notes: You and your lawyer can add notes to your case.
  • Tasks: See tasks the attorney assigned to the client.
  • Appointments: All appointments where the client is participating are noted. 
  • Intake forms: Clients complete forms online, anytime. No need to coordinate with a member of the firm.
  • Chat: Just like texting... but secure. 

And the improvements continue.

SimpleLaw prioritizes data privacy and data security. You and your legal team are the only people who can see any of your case details unless you request and approve otherwise.

It's important to note we are really focused on data privacy.

All data that travels to and from the SimpleLaw platform—like documents, notes, etc.—is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, making it safe for attorneys and clients to upload and move information. We continuously scan the platform for known malware, computer viruses, and phishing scams.

Each subscribing law firm to SimpleLaw has a choice to offer online payment to clients. It's up to the firm which, if any, they offer.

LawPay is one option. It is a highly secure, vetted, verified, and reliable online payment platform. Building the same features ourselves would not only take valuable time and resources away from building more features for lawyers and clients but would also be redundant. That's why we partner with LawPay. Why build the same thing when they've done it so well?

Some law firms may also offer ACH online payments.

Clients don't pay a fee to pay their invoices online. For you, it's just paying the billed fees from your lawyer. And you can pay using a credit card or eCheck.

Of course, if you prefer to pay via paper check, that's between you and your lawyer. We suggest you and your lawyer agree on how payments will be made prior to engaging the law firm.

We know how critical it is for clients to be part of the process of resolving their legal matters.

With the SimpleLaw portal, clients can upload documents, add and view notes, view tasks, view and pay invoices, complete forms, and even chat with the law firm.

We know people really like to text... it's so convenient. But the reality is, it's another place where your information is shared. And let's face it, it's another possible data security risk.

In SimpleLaw, we uniquely offer a Messaging feature. It works just like a text, however, it's all on the same secure platform. So you aren't scrambling to remember what your lawyer said in a text and searching through them to find it.



Like all integrations, cloud-based storage is activated by the lawyer.

If your lawyer has integrated a cloud storage platform—like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive— documents you upload will be stored there for ease of access for your legal team and yourself..

Only the lawyer and the client on the case can see the documents related to that case.

These cloud storage platforms are highly secure. Rest easy that between your attorney's selected cloud storage platform and SimpleLaw, your documents are secure and private.

SimpleLaw offers two options to subscribing law firms if they choose to support online invoice payment.

LawPay has a long history of working with law firms to manage their online payments. They are a highly secure, vetted, verified, and reliable online payment platform.

If your lawyer has integrated their LawPay account, you will see the LawPay button when paying your invoice.

The other option is ACH. Similarly, if users don't see the ACH icon, the firm has not activated that feature.

Contact your attorney to determine how to best proceed with invoice payments.

Clients don't pay a fee to pay their invoices online. For you, it's just paying the billed fees from your lawyer.

SimpleLaw offers lawyers a few other integrations, including QuickBooks Online and DocuSign electronic signature capability.

Depending on your lawyer's choices, you may receive documents that you can sign electronically. You will be notified about those documents in the email the lawyer uses to send you the documents. Simply follow the prompts.

A copy of the signed document is automatically saved to the connected cloud-storage account if your lawyer has integrated that.

QuickBooks provides needed functionality for your lawyer to manage their law firm and don't impact you as a client.

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