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Connect on the cloud.

SimpleLaw's law practice management software provides access to lawyers, clients, and paralegals—wherever, whenever.


Connect with Clients

Find and engage with prospective clients.

  • 24/7 access
  • No fees for new clients or cases
  • Vetting process for potential clients

On-Demand Paralegal Support

Call on a paralegal (or a few) to help out.

  • Partnered with NALA, the certified paralegal association
  • 18,000+ paralegal network
  • Flexible services

Co-Counsel and Case Referral

Refer cases and find co-counsel in a snap.

  • Vetted process for attorneys
  • Controlled criteria
  • Client review and acceptance
find clients

Find potential clients, and let them find you.

We can't help you find your soulmate, but we can connect you with potential clients efficiently and effectively. There is never a fee if you gain a new client or matter.

It all starts with your attorney profile.

Support your growth with certified paralegals.

SimpleLaw is a proud partner of NALA, the leading paralegal association representing more than 18,000 paralegals nationwide. Their certified paralegals add their profiles to SimpleLaw so you get the help you need, whatever the task at hand.

Our subscribing attorneys have 24/7 access to these on-demand paralegal superheroes. Paralegals can directly add their profiles to SimpleLaw as well.

With connections this powerful, you can say good-bye to those overflowing caseloads for good.

refer cases

Refer cases with ease.

Stop spending all that time emailing or calling fellow attorneys to see if they are available for a new case.

With SimpleLaw, you can easily search for an attorney or invite someone you know. Once accepted by the attorney and the client, they are connected through our system. There's no need for you to forward any information or make the initial connection yourself.

Find co-counsel anytime.

Finding co-counsel on a case really taxes your time. With SimpleLaw, search for co-counsel right through the platform.

Once accepted by the attorney and client, the additional lawyer has the visibility you set to the matter—without the hassle of sending any emails or files.


Before accepting attorney profiles, we verify that attorneys are in good standing with their licensing authority.

All of those profiles? That's your network. Think of it as a social media platform for vetted attorneys, only without any of those weird algorithms or activity tracing stuff (that's just creepy).

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