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Tech Trends: Surprised or Not?

The ABA recently released the TECHREPORT 2021. The analysis was completed based on responses collected since the pandemic. It is one of the first views of how Covid affected, or didn't affect, the practice of law. Suffice it to say, we were surprised. But then again, we weren't. 

The Art of Gratitude

The old adage is completely correct. The more grateful you are, the more there is to be grateful...

Time To Start Planning 2022

Yes, we know it's mid-November. But now is the best time to start thinking about your 2022 plans...

Keeping Clients Informed

Managing legal cases takes more than a little bit of finesse. Generally speaking, the legal...

Data Security: Defense and Offense

The information gathered by attorneys is clearly confidential, regardless of how it is received....

Website Best Practices

At this point, we presume your law firm has a website. If you don't, well, consider this your...

Maximize Online Reviews To Grow Your Firm

Like so many things these days, we turn to online reviews to help us make purchasing decisions....

Principles of Clear Communication

Effectively communicating is at the core of nearly everything we do, whether it's in our...

Using Client-Centric Pricing To Grow Your Firm

As all things law, the move to a client-centric approach is now a requirement. Pricing...

Managing Stress During Change

You may or may not know who Heraclitus is but you know what he said: Change is the only constant...

The Great Reset

For most parts of the country, the option to go back to the office is a real thing. Sure, there...

How To Adopt Subscription Pricing

Pricing is a sensitive subject. We aren't going to go into the actual rate of compensation for...