Protecting your data like your favorite security guard. But less chatty.


Security In Everything We Do 

And Everything That We Don't Do 

Data Encryption

So mUch MOre than a disguise

So, what is data encryption? Data is changed into a new form, like a secret code. But, only the ‘key’ can translate it. To protect all data traveling to and from the SimpleLaw platform, we encrypt everything. And, only we have the key. Your data is safe as it is moved. 

Hands typing on a computer keyboard

Malware, Virus, & Phishing, Oh My

We are on it 24/7

Data threats are real. The most common are Malware, Computer Viruses, and Email Phishing. We monitor for all of that 24/7. You have a responsibility, too. Watch what you download. Yes, even those funny cat videos. Especially those funny cat videos. 

locks on a gate

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?  

You May Not, Actually 

Some case management software platforms integrate with 100's of other pieces of software. Cool. But each integration is another potential data threat. That's why SimpleLaw only integrates with a handful of key software providers. The best offense is a good defense, after all.

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Want to see our other superpowers? 

Security that is so strong it's epic. But that's just the start. Take control of your cases, practice, and time.