Marketing is a key component to any business, especially law firms.  Legal Marketing is there to promote your business and connect you with more clients.  So, we compiled a list of  marketing techniques you can use to help grow your firm. We know you did not go in to law to learn about marketing, but these simple steps can help you connect with more potential clients and grow your law firm.

Download the '5 Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Firm' Infographic

Create A Plan

Before you actually begin, you’ll need to create a well thought out legal marketing strategy for your firm.  First, the plan should address your goals. What do you want to do and how? No doubt, you want to grow your practice. Second, make sure to include not only the actions your firm will take but also how the actions will be done, when they will be done, and who will do them.  Finally, schedule in time to review progress. After all, what isn't measured, isn't treasured.

Generate an Email Campaign

Oddly enough, email remains the preferred form of communication for business. According to Forbes, 91% of U.S. adults reportedly like to receive promotional emails from companies they’ve done business with in the past.  So, your target market is initially people who have used your firm. Make sure content is relevant to them. Keep it brief. The point is to stay in front of them so when they are asked for a referral, they think of you. Be careful to not over communicate here. So, it's about adding value. And, remember, it isn’t all about you.

Social Media

Your social media accounts are there to enhance your brand. So, anything that you publish on your blog, post it to social media. It’s important to remain active online. You might want to consider a free online class for social media basics. Don’t worry, it’s easy once you get started. And remember, it's all about content. That doesn't mean you can't use others' content either. Who doesn't like a Retweet or Sharing a post?  As you might imagine, this is a bigger topic. For more about social media legal marketing, check out our blog.


Blogging is a great way to market your company! But at the same time you don’t want to continuously promote yourself. Instead, make your blog more anecdotal.  There is a need to try different content for your firm and your target market. Make sure to blog on areas of your expertise.


Today, it's all about videos!  Some organizations don’t like videos because they feel they are too expensive. However, think of it as an investment. Sure, it’s more expensive than blogging. But, you can create something easily with your computer. Something as simple as using a webcam works great as it gives off a more personal vibe. In addition, there are some great online tools like VideoScribe. Keep these short and sweet.

With the right content and efforts, your clients and potential clients will share information that you create.  Whether it’s by retweeting something, liking a status, or sharing a blog post, all of these things are helpful to get word out about your firm. Remember, it’s not about you. Content is king. So start creating some content, focused on informing your target audience about things that matter to them, and grow your firm. Get out there and start promoting!


Written by SimpleLaw