In this infographic, check out our tips on maximizing productivity for attorneys. From 'eating the frog' to grouping like tasks, using these tips will improve how you use the limited time you have. It goes beyond keeping a tidy to-do list, scheduling time to work on certain tasks, and other more general approaches. Of course, everyone loves a good scheduling tool and we recommend you use one of those, too.

It's important to know where you time is being spent. If you use legal tech that gives you the ability to track your time, be sure to take advantage and track all of your time... even the un-billable. In fact, especially the un-billable. That's where your time can be better focused, after all. Too often attorneys spend quite a bit of their work day - and night - focused on un-billable tasks, including business development, practice management, and general administivia. Understanding how you are spending that un-billable time helps focus your efforts on finding the right tool to address the opportunities. There are lots of ways to monitor your time even if you aren't using a legal tech tool. 

Don't let the distractions that come up keep you from getting the work done, either. It's all about balance, though. Everyone needs a break in the day. So, schedule that time - it doesn't have to be a specific time each day. It can be more task focused - so upon completion of tasks A, B, and C, you take a 10 minute break to simply step back, step out, or grab a cup of coffee or glass of water.

It's time to make your time more productive so you can serve more clients... or maybe enjoy some downtime.

In the end, you will have better outcomes, more time, and build your practice.

Download the '5 Tips to Maximize Efficiency' Infographic here.


Written by SimpleLaw