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Buyers Guide to Legal Technology

By SimpleLaw on 6/13/18 11:50 AM

Technology continues to transform how cases and practices are managed. Legal tech simplifies many processes and increases efficiency. The right technology delivers greater efficiency to attorneys and higher client satisfaction while balancing the budget and daily needs of the firm. Make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

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Key Features to Consider

The management of documents is critical to effectively and efficiently resolving legal cases. That goes beyond the ability to upload documents. You should have complete capability to add, remove, and share documents. If you don't, look further.

Invoicing and payments should be visible to the attorney and the client. Not only will it save time, it will limit frustration. For both parties.

Calendar tools that go beyond the basic booking of appointments is key. Therefore, the option to include court calendar rules is key. Remember, that's the option, not the requirement.

And, of course, security is key. Make sure the platform is not only secure, but has a recovery plan. You know, just in case.

Time Management Benefits

All of the above features deliver some element of time management. But, beyond those, review how you will use the software. To maximize the benefits, review your current processes. You may need to update them.

Software Access

Be sure to review where you can access the software easily. So, the platform should be easy to use on any connected device. Be sure to review if the platform has a separate app or if you simply access the website from any device. Some apps create additional complications with data management.

Integration and Adaptability

Review other software platforms used in your practice. Whichever legal technology platform you choose, it should be easy to integrate and adapt to your remaining tech stack. If it isn't, be sure the provider is willing to work with you.

Online Reviews and Demos

Make up your own mind with a private demo of your short list of platforms. However, make sure to review online resources, too. And, remember, some of the best technology available may not yet have a lot of users or online reviews. Keep an open mind.

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