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One comprehensive technology platform to grow and manage your law firm.

Created by lawyers, SimpleLaw creates efficiency for attorneys and brings peace of mind to clients.

Attorneys have a full toolbox to grow and manage their firm, including access to on-demand paralegal support, co-counsel, and referral right through the platform, and so much more.

With 24/7 access to their case, clients know where their matter stands and can communicate securely right through the platform. Everything clients need to know in one place.


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SimpleLaw uniquely connects potential clients,  attorneys, paralegal professionals, and all members of your law firm, whether it's just you or many, on the same platform.

No need to search for co-counsel or other attorneys if you have a matter that requires referral. No need to re-enter information from potential clients to your legal tech, or paper files. Sure, SimpleLaw gives you the tools you need to manage your cases and practice. But it's so much more.


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Technology That Drives Efficiency

We are big believers in legal tech. Kind of obvious. But the technology should be so easy to use that it's intuitive. And it shouldn't take more of your time to manage your tech platform. It's a tool, not a law firm's identity or skill set. Pick the legal tech platform that drives efficiency from the beginning. For you, your clients, and most of all, for the resolution of legal matters. After all, that's what it's all about. It all starts with your free Attorney Profile.

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Key Platform Features

Assemble Your Team

From clients and attorneys to paralegals and more, one spot for your whole team.

Simplify Time Tracking & Billing 

Automated time tracking makes invoice creation a snap. Eliminate manual processes. 

Document Management

Do you know where your documents are stored? Never on our servers.

Client Experience

Through the online portal, clients have 24/7 access to their matter, giving them greater peace of mind. 


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