Busywork doesn't grow your business.

You support your clients. We support you. Simple.

Turn Back Time 25%

Save 25% of the time spent updating clients on their matter with the client portal. 

Speedy Cash Flow

Outstanding balances fell from nearly 40% to under 5% after adding online payment options.

Direct, Non-Stop

Clients upload documents rather than waiting on an email and manually 'filing'. 

Meet the Squad

On-demand paralegal support from qualified paralegals for one document, matter, or more. 

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Case Management Central

We make managing the case simple. Resolving the case? That's all you.

  • Three Options for Time Tracking
  • Individual and Batch Invoicing
  • Online Payment for Clients Featuring LawPay
  • Task Management
  • Five Billing Types 
  • Key Integrations 

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Lawyer Central

Finding a lawyer is stressful. So is having an open case.

With SimpleLaw, everything is in one place, where you can see it 24/7. Nice and tidy.

Stuff SimpleLaw offers:

  • Secure, 24/7 Access to Your Case
  • View Notes and Updates from Your Attorney
  • View and Upload Documents 
  • See Realtime Billing
  • View and Pay Invoices
  • Request a Meeting with Your Attorney
  • Communicate Right Through the Platform

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