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Think Simple Simple to Learn, Simple to Use, Simple Pricing, Simple to Adopt


Legal case management software that's simple to learn and use.


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Does Your Tech Make Case Admin Easier?


Or Is It Another Demand on Your Time?

Using case management software shouldn't be tough. It's supposed to be a helpful tool, not another frustration.

It's time to Think Simple. Simple to learn. Simple to use. Simple pricing. No tiers here. And Simply powerful too. 

One platform for clients and legal professionals to connect. Centralize all communication, from leads through to case completion. Streamline all the admin stuff.  AND make it Simple. 

What are you waiting for? 

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Copious Connections.

For attorneys and clients, it's simple to connect, 24/7, right where the case and practice are managed. Think of us as non-stop matchmaking, but not like some of those sites...


In a world where tech makes almost everything easier, why should that stop at legal services? We can’t deliver take-out at 3am, but we do streamline admin stuff to get “you” time back.

Geek Squad. 

We've got the tech. We aren't going to track your sleep patterns or anything like that. But if you want great case management software that is easy to use and saves you real time, we got you.


It's Time to Think Simple.


The Best Attorney Case Management Software For Efficient Law Firm Operations

Welcome to SimpleLaw, your premier destination for the best attorney case management software. We offer high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly software solutions that streamline your legal operations.

Best Case Management Software for Lawyers

At SimpleLaw, we recognize the importance of dependable case management software for lawyers. We offer software solutions that are not only highly efficient but also incredibly user-friendly. Whether you are dealing with personal injury cases or overseeing a law practice, our law firm case management software is meticulously designed to seamlessly meet all your requirements with utmost precision.


Take Control of Your Future. Now. 

It really is that simple. See what we did there?

All joking aside, it's time to do it. Get ahead of the curve or at least catch up to it. There really is only one way to know for sure. Give us a try.

  • Always free for clients
  • Free trial for attorneys
  • Unlimited live web-based training
  • Full video training channel (Grab the popcorn!)
  • Free attorney profile whether a subscriber or not
  • No fee if attorneys gain new clients or matters from SimpleLaw
  • Each subscribing law firm gets one free paralegal or legal secretary account, too

What are you waiting for? It's time to future proof your law firm now. 

SimpleLaw really is different from the others. It's easy to learn and use and the service is off the charts. Seriously. Looking for case management software? You have to give SimpleLaw a try.
Bankruptcy Attorney
SimpleLaw gave our law school great support and the students got real experience in using technology before they graduate on a platform they really like.
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Samford Law School
SimpleLaw gives us the tools we need without complications. It's easy to learn and use. Our adoption process was so smooth.
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Criminal Law Firm


So, what's holding you back? 


Courage? Free time? A push?

Maybe just your morning coffee to kick your brain into full gear? 

Whatever you need to get started, now is the time.
Take control of your tomorrows starting today.
A simple and effortless experience awaits. 

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