Our case management software saves time for law firms and gives clients greater peace of mind.

25% Time Savings

Attorneys tell us they save 25% of the time they used to spend updating clients on their matter with the client portal. 

From 40% to under 5% 

Outstanding balances fell from nearly 40% to under 5% after adopting and offering online payment options for clients.

Reduced Lag Time

Overall, matters are able to move faster as the lag time for document gathering, review, and organization drastically reduced. 

Need A Hand?

On-demand paralegal support offered by NALA qualified paralegals are available for one document, matter, or more. 

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Features For Attorneys 

Tired of managing multiple software tools that don't talk to each other? Spending too much time managing tech? Our case management software makes it all simple.

SimpleLaw uniquely connects potential clients, attorneys, paralegal professionals, fellow attorneys, and members of your law firm on one platform where cases and the practice are managed. Simple.

That means easy communication with clients, co-counsel and referral needs, and more.

And a full toolbox to manage cases, including:

  • Client Portal
  • Automated Time Tracking with Flexible User Settings
  • Easy Invoicing
  • Online Payment for Clients Featuring LawPay
  • Task Management
  • Key Integrations including eSignature, Court Dates, and more.


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Features For Clients

You don't need an attorney until you do. And for most people, it's the exception. So it's all new. Where do you start? We can help.

SimpleLaw gives those looking for legal help one place to search, research, and hire an attorney. No need to sort through multiple attorney websites, send individual emails, and then try to track it all.

Have a question? That's Simple, too. And once your case starts, you have 24/7 access to your matter. 

The SimpleLaw Client Portal includes:

  • Secure, 24/7 Access to Your Case
  • View Notes and Updates from Your Attorney
  • View and Upload Documents 
  • See Realtime Billing
  • View and Pay Invoices
  • Request a Meeting with Your Attorney
  • Communicate Right Through the Platform

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