3 min read

Access to Justice During the Pandemic and Beyond

By SimpleLaw on 8/6/20 10:15 AM

Lack of access to justice is a long standing issue for a variety of reasons. Financial issues, rural 'legal deserts,' and simply finding the right attorney are just some obstacles that challenge potential clients. This gap is magnified even further by the pandemic.

Topics: Attorneys case management software access to justice COVID-19
3 min read

The Human Connection and Law

By SimpleLaw on 7/30/20 10:15 AM

Depending on how your state categorized attorneys - as essential or non-essential workers - COVID was either a huge disruption or maybe just a slight change in your work life. But to your clients, it was more than likely a pretty dramatic adjustment. 

Topics: lawyers legal clients COVID-19
3 min read

Top Challenges of law Firms And How To Tame Them

By SimpleLaw on 7/23/20 10:15 AM

Recent analysis, Bright Insight, was released by ALM and Law.com for 2020. It provides some really good insight into the world of law firms, from solo/small to large firms. Identifying the top issues law firms are facing, both pre and post COVID, is invaluable information. The key takeaways are the top issues firms are facing and what they are doing about it... from quite a bit actually to nothing at all. 

Topics: lawyers Attorneys case management software
3 min read

To Text Or Not To Text

By SimpleLaw on 7/16/20 2:49 PM

We are all on the run these days and always connected. It's super easy to send a text off to any or many contacts. Talk about convenience. But, just because you can doesn't mean you should. But when you do need to communicate, is email always the answer? Probably not. As a person who is all over email - literally that icon with the number in it makes me nuts - I only want email when its absolutely necessary. So, the question remains - to text or not to text. Below are some key areas to consider when making that choice.

Topics: case management software text for lawyers
3 min read

Supporting Clients In A COVID World

By SimpleLaw on 7/2/20 10:00 AM

There has been some great content lately about COVID and its impact on law firms. But before we get to that, can I just say, wow. That kind of came fast and hard. We are saddened to see the devastating physical, emotional, and economic pain this has caused and continues to cause to so many, around the world. We are in this together. If your firm is struggling, contact us at Hello@SimpleLaw.com. We can't fix much, but we are happy to offer you some free or discounted software until you get back on track.

Topics: case management software legal clients law firm payment processing client billing
5 min read

5 Tips to Safely Reopen Your Law Office

By SimpleLaw on 6/25/20 10:00 AM

Many states, including here in Illinois, are reopening to varying degrees. While many people are excited and ready to get back to the office, some are taking things a bit more slowly. And others have never closed their offices completely. No matter which approach you took during shelter-in-place orders, these 5 tips to safely reopen your law office protect you and your law firm.

Topics: law firms case management software office safety post COVID safety reopen office
3 min read

Cloud Computing And Why It Matters

By SimpleLaw on 6/11/20 9:30 AM

To say 2020 is an interesting year is quite the understatement. Sure, some people had an inkling that COVID would come to the US. Maybe the writing was always on the wall. But I haven't heard from anyone who thought a shelter-in-place order would be enacted in so many parts of the US. And that's what started the need for lawyers to move to working remotely. And fast. 

Topics: case management software cloud-based software
3 min read

Best Practices For Video Meetings

By SimpleLaw on 6/4/20 3:43 PM

Video meetings are here to stay. Even for those in areas where shelter-in-place ordinances are ending, the convenience and relative ease of online meetings remain. For many law firms, now that the adoption of web-based meetings is complete, offering them on an ongoing basis makes a lot of sense. Not only due to health concerns but also for efficiency. So, if your law firm is continuing to offer video meetings, here are some best practices for video meetings.

Topics: video meetings virtual meetings
3 min read

How to Grow Your Law Firm Now

By SimpleLaw on 5/29/20 6:04 PM

So many things have changed for so many people and businesses. The new normal, which is clearly not  'normal', certainly represents some challenges. But it has a lot of great opportunities, too. To make the most of it, focus on the basics. Focus on the person. That's always been the key and is even more important to grow your law firm now.

Topics: Attorneys law firm growth
3 min read

Time Tracking Practices that Work for You

By SimpleLaw on 5/21/20 10:15 AM

When it comes to time tracking, does the mere thought of it make you wince? We know many attorneys who would strongly agree. By far, time tracking is the top complaint we hear from attorneys, across practice areas. Here are some tips to make sure you are using time tracking practices that work for you. 

Topics: time management time tracking
2 min read

The Simple Benefits of Case Management Software

By SimpleLaw on 5/6/20 12:05 PM

Easy-to-use; Simple; Intuitive. Those words are really all inter-changeable. But some people confuse 'Simple' with 'Basic'. To be clear, Simple is: Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Basic is: Essential foundation or starting point; fundamental. Simple should make things easier, beyond the basics. Let's consider the simple benefits of using case management software.

Topics: case management software
2 min read

Does the 'best' always win?

By SimpleLaw on 4/30/20 1:15 PM

In a recent article from the NY Times OnTech, the question of 'What wins?' for various technologies is considered. Obviously, it takes a lot to win in tech these days. Certainly it takes money to spread the word, finding the right partners to help give the product instant credibility, and more. But that doesn't always mean that the product being promoted is the best one out there.

Topics: technology
2 min read

Tools to deal with stress part two

By SimpleLaw on 4/25/20 9:30 AM

In a recent study by Loeb Leadership on the Law Firm's Adaptation to Remote Working, most law firms are happy with the transition. However, anxiety is on the rise. In the research, Loeb found general anxiety is the single biggest challenge to working remotely. With layoffs in big law, and small law no doubt just not as visible, not to mention working from home when children may be present, it is anxiety producing. We had some great tools created to help attorneys, clients, or anyone really. So feel free to spread the word!

Topics: stress management physical health
3 min read

What to look for when looking for an attorney

By SimpleLaw on 4/23/20 12:24 PM

Before diving into a search to find an attorney, first decide if you actually need one. Were you injured in a car accident? Then yes.  A dispute with your neighbor? That depends.  If the dispute doesn’t involve anything illegal, then you will save yourself a lot of time and money resolving it on your own. However, if your neighbor has broken the law and it has affected you in some way, then it's time to begin your search. If you are uncertain if you need an attorney, find one who will give you a free consultation. They will tell you if it's worth your investment to hire an attorney and possibly pursue legal action.

Topics: find a lawyer find an attorney how to find a lawyer
2 min read

Successful Time Tracking Habits

By SimpleLaw on 4/9/20 3:40 PM

Successful time tracking is a habit. Like all habits, it takes a concerted effort to adopt it. Follow these steps to create a new habit that makes sure you are accurately tracking - and understanding - where your time is spent.

Topics: legal technology cloud-based legal tech time tracking
3 min read

What Makes A Good Lawyer

By SimpleLaw on 4/9/20 9:15 AM

So, you decided to hire an attorney and now have a short list of names. It's time to do some research.  Start with the basics, and then trust your instinct. 

Topics: Lawyer good lawyer find a lawyer
2 min read

Tools To Deal With Stress Part One

By SimpleLaw on 4/2/20 10:54 AM

Stress, like all things, is ok in small amounts. It's when things grow increasingly stressful that stress impacts mental and physical health. From the Mayo Clinic, possible affects of stress include high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. So, especially in this stressful time while the world actively tries to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, what can attorneys do? We can help. 

Topics: lawyers Attorneys Wellness
4 min read

5 Tips To Support Your Team When Working Remotely

By SimpleLaw on 3/19/20 9:16 AM

The coronavirus pandemic is causing disruption for everyone around the world. Nearly all of us are working from home these days. For some, it's business as usual, me included. But for many, working from home is all new. For teams, it can be quite a challenge, especially if you rely on each others work product to get stuff done. The good news is there are some pretty simple - and fun! - ways to stay connected and keep the firm humming right along. Some involve tech, of course. But not all. Here are 5 tips to support your team when working remotely.

Topics: community legal clients cloud-based software cloud-based legal tech working remotely
2 min read

Legal Tech, the Cloud, and Coronavirus

By SimpleLaw on 3/18/20 10:10 AM

We are living in a truly unprecedented time. The entire world is facing a highly contagious and potentially life-threatening virus, requiring life-as-we-know-it to be drastically changed. Right now. But some aspects of life have not changed. There is still very much the need for legal issues to be resolved. So, if attorneys have not yet adopted technology, they will need to adopt it as quickly as possible. Or possibly face closure down the road.

Topics: legal technology software for attorneys legaltech client portal cloud-based software cloud-based legal tech
2 min read

Change... and how to manage it.

By SimpleLaw on 3/12/20 8:04 PM

We are 2 weeks out from ABA TECHSHOW. We are still busy (happily!) connecting with the people we met at the show. SO MANY DEMOS. Whew. ALL GOOD. But the biggest issue for our fellow demo-ees? Change.

Topics: legal technology software for attorneys ABA TECHSHOW legaltech
2 min read

Musings... Post ABA TECHSHOW

By SimpleLaw on 3/6/20 1:08 PM

Where to begin! The show itself was great. We love meeting people and having our resident magician in the booth brought some levity to us and attendees. Walking the floor is definitely a bit overwhelming... where to stop, what makes one product better than the other, do I really need this new product, etc.? But also, who has the good giveaways!?

Topics: legal technology ABA TECHSHOW legaltech
3 min read

Trade Shows, Legal Tech and Connecting

By SimpleLaw on 2/20/20 8:37 PM

Topics: software for attorneys ABA TECHSHOW
2 min read

First Steps for Your Legal Matter

By SimpleLaw on 11/22/19 9:51 AM

Topics: Attorneys legal clients
3 min read

Attorneys and Data Analytics to Improve Efficiency

By SimpleLaw on 11/8/19 10:35 PM

While the legal industry is continuing to adopt technology to grow and manage their law firms, the next hurdle is already on the horizon. And that hurdle is data analytics.

Topics: data analytics legal clients
3 min read

Better Connections Means A Better Practice

By SimpleLaw on 10/25/19 12:42 PM

We are on the road for a few events. The best part of it is chatting with actual attorneys about their practices, their needs, and their goals.

Topics: happy Clients Law Practice Clients
3 min read

Legal Tech and the User Experience

By SimpleLaw on 10/10/19 3:00 PM

Both my Mac laptop and iPhone were updated this week. Love it when they release new stuff! The enhancements weren't really anything I was really excited about, but keeping up-to-date with data security, device longevity, and the overall UI/UX (user interface and user experience) are really important.

Topics: legal technology user experience
2 min read

Legal Tech Adoption and Next Generation Tools

By SimpleLaw on 10/4/19 12:23 PM

Well, it's kind of obvious we are fans of legal tech. We are founded by attorneys who saw the value of implementing technology to improve efficiency and grow their practice. But it is a constantly evolving market, with new technological capabilities being introduced daily. The real question is what do law firms need? How do you decide what functionality to add versus not? What are the priorities for any law firm?

Topics: legal technology Technology and Law
2 min read

Access to Justice and Attorneys

By SimpleLaw on 9/26/19 2:35 PM

There has been a lot of discussion about allowing non-attorneys to offer legal advice. Obviously, there are some, well, issues with that. But there are benefits, too.

Topics: Technology and Law time management access to justice
4 min read

Efficiency... some great tactics to get there!

By SimpleLaw on 9/19/19 2:54 PM

We’ve written about Time Management before. Our Improving Your Invoicing Practices and Managing Resources … and How to Add Them blog posts addressed this topic in implicit and overarching ways. Better invoicing practices save you time in the long term, and managing resources effectively distributes work and energy.

Topics: practice management software software for attorneys time management
3 min read

Legal Technology Consolidation Effects

By SimpleLaw on 9/12/19 11:07 AM

Topics: practice management software Technology and Law technology
2 min read

Tech Competence is Accessible for Attorneys!

By SimpleLaw on 9/5/19 1:20 PM

In 2012, the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates revised its Model Rules of Professional Conduct to include knowledge about the “risks and benefits” of technology as a measure of professional legal competence.

Topics: legal technology practice management software software for attorneys
3 min read

A Health Evaluation for Your Solo and Small Law Practice

By SimpleLaw on 8/29/19 12:38 PM

A law practice’s health can be undermined by performance challenges, spending habits, and management policies. These problem areas can be death knells to a practice if they go unaddressed for too long. Being able to identify problems and form actionable plans is essential to keeping any firm healthy.

Topics: Law Practice Solo Lawyers Technology and Law Change Management management small law firms
5 min read

5 Tips for Working Remotely as an Attorney

By SimpleLaw on 8/22/19 11:16 AM

Technology has empowered attorneys to work remotely. In fact, a recent survey by Robert Half Legal found that the option to work remotely is a benefit practices are offering to cultivate a better work-life balance among their attorneys.

Topics: lawyers time management small law firms
6 min read

Wait, I Know How to Use Commas Correctly, Right?

By SimpleLaw on 8/15/19 12:08 PM

We recently wrote a post about the importance of good grammar called Using Punctuation to Make Your Point. In that post, we addressed the misuse and proper use of the semicolon, colon, hyphen, and dash. We did not address the comma, and for good reason.

Topics: Solo Lawyers small law firms comma
3 min read

Dealing with Stress

By SimpleLaw on 8/8/19 9:37 PM

Yeah, we know. A lot has been written about it. But as we face the middle of August and the end of summers and 'vacation season', it's a good time to revisit. Because, let's face it, it's a taxing profession whether an attorney, a paralegal, a judge, or even a juror. The reality is that when people reach out for legal support, it's not generally because they are at a high point in their life. So that's where it all begins.

Topics: lawyers stress mental health
4 min read

The College Grad's Guide to Networking for Attorneys

By SimpleLaw on 8/2/19 8:14 AM

College graduates know that if they don’t network, they probably won’t find work--or at least not work that’s as meaningful to them.

Topics: Solo Lawyers small law firms
5 min read

Using Punctuation to Make Your Point

By SimpleLaw on 7/25/19 3:05 PM

Grammar and punctuation matters. Misused punctuation marks can obscure the intentions of a written argument, court filing, or legal document, creating loopholes and misinterpretations. Alternatively, they can be the waiting opportunity you need to challenge a document and even impugn evidence.

Topics: lawyers Solo Lawyers Communication
2 min read

Why An Attorney Didn't Take Your Case

By SimpleLaw on 7/18/19 11:15 AM

You may think finding an attorney would be easy, and you may be wondering why an attorney didn’t respond or take your case. Don’t they need the money? Don’t they want to help people? Was it me?

Topics: Clients Attorney
4 min read

Managing Resources... and How to Add Them

By SimpleLaw on 7/11/19 12:01 PM

There really aren’t enough hours in the day for most attorneys. They work long hours, spend more hours than they want on administrative work, and too much of their work spills over to the next day … and the next day and the next day.

Topics: Solo Lawyers time management
2 min read

Holidays and Vacations... Some Thoughts

By SimpleLaw on 7/3/19 1:52 PM

With the long 4th of July weekend quickly approaching - or for some of you it's already here - my thoughts turned to holidays and vacations. When discussing this with friends, the focus quickly turned to the trouble with taking any time off. So, I started looking at the US vs the rest of the world in terms of both holidays (for purpose of this post, national holidays) and vacations (paid or unpaid). Turns out, the US is, well, not great.

Topics: Work-Life Balance mental health
3 min read

Are You Really Ready to Hire an Attorney?

By SimpleLaw on 6/27/19 8:55 AM

It’s a more nuanced question than you might think. Clients want to hire an attorney as soon as they have to deal with a legal matter. But what clients don’t always realize is that a lot goes into making sure they hire the right attorney.

Topics: Case Management Clients Attorney
6 min read

Overcoming Reservations that Keep You from Legal Tech

By SimpleLaw on 6/20/19 11:57 AM

Law firms that use legal technology are poised for growth, according to a recent study by Wolters Kluwer. But attorneys are still surprisingly reticent to use legal technology.

Topics: legal technology practice management software software adoption Technology and Law
2 min read

Counteracting Loneliness as a Solo Attorney

By SimpleLaw on 6/13/19 1:32 PM

Starting your own practice as a solo attorney is hard work. A lot of work, both professional and emotional, goes into it: promoting your practice, cultivating clients, and adjusting to the new work culture, which is you, at your desk.

Topics: Solo Lawyers Loneliness
4 min read

5 Tips for Managing Stress as a Lawyer

By SimpleLaw on 6/6/19 11:56 AM

Stress is present in all professions. But, it is endemic in the legal profession. And unchecked stress breads depression and anxiety.

Topics: Solo Lawyers Work-Life Balance small law firms mental health
3 min read

Five Tips for Building Rapport with Potential Clients

By SimpleLaw on 5/30/19 12:43 PM

Many people who need legal services consult lawyers, but the lawyers they consult often aren’t the ones they hire. 

Topics: happy Clients legal client online profile Client Centric small law firms
3 min read

The Advantages of Case Management Tools for Clients

By SimpleLaw on 5/23/19 2:29 PM

The 2018 Survey of U.S. Legal Technologies examined the standing of legal technology solutions for non-lawyers. It found that most of those solutions are single-feature. They either refer you to potential lawyers, offer resources to clarify legal jargon, or assemble information on legal matters.

Topics: legal technology Technology and Law Clients
3 min read

How to Transition Your Practice Toward Legal Technology

By SimpleLaw on 5/16/19 1:24 PM

Wolters Kluwer, a technology and software solutions provider, recently published its 2019 Future Ready Lawyer Survey Report. The report assesses the legal industry’s preparedness to levy and embrace changes in the legal marketplace.

Topics: legal tech software adoption Solo Lawyers
3 min read

Teaching Legal Tech to Lawyers & Law Students

By SimpleLaw on 5/9/19 9:00 AM

The topic is not a new one. In fact, it has been around for quite a while. And while many law schools are providing the option, mostly through library resources or an optional course, most don't require it. And what about attorneys who are already in practice? Some states are now requiring legal tech training. Many, if not most, are not.

Topics: legal tech legal technology software for attorneys Law Students
4 min read

Securing Your Digital Self

By SimpleLaw on 4/25/19 12:28 PM

When you’re looking for a law practice to take your case, you may not think about that practice’s information security policies--or whether that practice even has them.

Topics: Security privacy
2 min read

Making & Keeping Connections to Build Your Community

By SimpleLaw on 4/18/19 12:47 PM

We all have the same opportunities to make new connections. Sometimes, we are just not ready for them, or simply too tired. We've all been there. But, when we choose to create those connections, it can be rewarding on many fronts. Building a network of peers is tantamount to enjoying your profession, in our opinion. Sharing the experiences and challenges does tend to make it all a bit easier. But, it's just the beginning. Keeping those connections healthy, or at least with a minimum level of life to them, is actually pretty easy.

Topics: Communication community
4 min read

Improving Your Invoicing Practices

By SimpleLaw on 4/11/19 3:56 PM

Invoices are formatted to be efficient. They are “get in and get out” documents, so to speak.

Topics: lawyers legal tech Invoice Practices
3 min read

Technology Literacy in the Legal Industry

By SimpleLaw on 4/4/19 2:16 PM

When we were at the American Bar Association’s (ABA) TECHSHOW, we networked with many law schools interested in teaching their students about legal tech. Or, they want to offer students a chance to get a bit more hands on with it, through a lab or library offering.

Topics: legal tech Attorney Software Law Students
3 min read

Quality of Care and the Law

By SimpleLaw on 3/27/19 2:54 PM

There are Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and websites where people can vent about their bad experiences with attorneys. The website BarComplaint.com provides a database of attorneys with less that great reviews. They call it the “Attorney Misfit Database.” Anyone can visit the site, read reviews, and rely on that information when choosing which attorney to engage. But is that fair?

Topics: Attorneys Clients
3 min read

Using legal tech to drive efficiency is the name of the game... or is it?

By SimpleLaw on 3/21/19 9:51 AM

Everyone wants to be efficient. Doesn’t matter what you are doing. And let’s face it, we’re all a bit stressed out. We all need more downtime.

Topics: legal tech legal technology software for attorneys
3 min read

What to Know If You Know Nothing About Legal Tech

By SimpleLaw on 3/7/19 1:06 PM

When we hired several interns a few months ago, they admitted that they knew very little about the legal tech industry, or that one even existed.

Topics: legal technology
2 min read

Highlights from the ABA TECHSHOW

By SimpleLaw on 3/4/19 4:45 PM

We had a great time at the ABA TECHSHOW. As first time exhibitors, we learned a lot at the event. In the hopes that it will help future exhibitors, here are some of our highlights!

2 min read

First Time at the TECHSHOW

By SimpleLaw on 2/28/19 1:10 PM

We’re here at the Hyatt Regency Chicago for the American Bar Association’s (ABA) 2019 TECHSHOW--and we mean it literally!

2 min read

Chicago and the Law

By SimpleLaw on 2/21/19 12:06 PM

Well, by now, word has spread far and wide about the Jussie Smollett story. Whatever you believe, we can all agree that submitting a false accusation is wrong. The abuse of the criminal justice system - everyone from the police to the attorneys to the courts - is simply wrong. This is a high profile example. But, no doubt there are others.

Topics: Laws Justice System
3 min read

New Laws for the New Year

By SimpleLaw on 2/8/19 9:27 AM

Although a bit into the new year, it's still pretty early. And along with the new year, comes new laws that go into effect.

Topics: Clients Laws
2 min read

The Case for Legal Technology Competence for Attorneys

By SimpleLaw on 1/31/19 4:01 PM

There has been some discussion about adding tech competence for attorneys. The American Bar Association formally approved a change to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to that effect. As such, they emphasize the need for lawyers to adopt a duty to be competent in the law and in technology. Frankly, we couldn't agree more. There are real benefits to tech in all fields. And the legal field is decidedly dragging in adoption of tech when compared to many other industries.

Topics: legal technology
4 min read

Help Your Clients Recommend You.

By SimpleLaw on 1/24/19 2:35 PM

They’re a sure-fire way to get new clients in the door. Recommendations. Yes, we know it isn't easy, But, these new clients already trust their recommenders. They arrive at your office aware of your reputation and success. It’s a great marketing technique: instead of speaking for your practice to promote it, your practice speaks for itself.

Topics: legal client Attorneys
4 min read

One Size Fits You: Picking the Right Legal Tech

By SimpleLaw on 12/19/18 10:45 AM

Legal tech is truly helpful for any size law firm.. But, law firms are not guaranteed success when they implement legal tech. If you’re preparing to invest in legal tech for the first time, it can be tricky. You’ll want to be sure the option you’re considering is best for you, your potential clients, and your firm.

Topics: Attorney Software Attorneys small law firms
4 min read

Scrooge and the Law Firm

By SimpleLaw on 12/13/18 9:58 AM

We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Haunted by 3 ghosts - past, present, and future - to teach him a lesson. Well, turns out we aren't so different from Scrooge. Well, minus the ghosts.

Topics: Law Practice year end review Attorneys
2 min read

Simple and Nice

By SimpleLaw on 12/6/18 4:51 PM

Simple. It can have different meanings to different people. To some, it's about being very, well, basic. To others, simple can mean easy, modest, or humble. Not all of those would apply to SimpleLaw! But, the one that really does describe how we regard Simple is 'readily understood or performed'. And frankly, it should apply to every piece of technology you choose. And beyond. But, for our purposes, we will focus on tech. So, what makes a tech offering 'simple'?

Topics: legal technology Solo Lawyers Attorney Software Attorneys
2 min read

Work-Life Balance and the Holiday Season

By SimpleLaw on 11/29/18 9:30 AM

Seems to me that, well, this time of year is not all that different from the rest. So many opportunities to connect with family, friends, and clients, for that matter. Sure, gift giving can be challenging. Both from the 'what' question to the 'how much'. But other than that, it's just like the rest of the year. So how do we make the most of it all?

Topics: Work-Life Balance Attorneys
1 min read

Working connections and having your connections work

By SimpleLaw on 11/6/18 2:44 PM

Connections are the backbone of any law firm and lawyer. In the end, it's all about the people. Connecting people to the law. Connecting other attorneys to people you know. And, hopefully, your clients connect you with people they know. So, as an attorney, what are you connections and how do you make them work?

Topics: Attorneys connections
2 min read

Law as a commodity

By SimpleLaw837 on 11/1/18 12:43 PM

Yeah, I know. It's a pretty big statement. Law as a commodity. But it's what we are facing at this point. Seemingly, gone are the days of the family attorney who handles your real estate, family law, business law, and, ultimately, probate. But, those days don't need to be behind us. However, we need to be active to make it happen.

Topics: DIY legal Attorneys
2 min read

It's not about the legal tech

By SimpleLaw837 on 10/10/18 11:37 AM

Legal tech has come a long way, and continues to expand capability. With voice activation, artificial intelligence, and so much more, tech really is transforming the industry. But not all of it.

Topics: legal tech Uncategorized Attorney client
2 min read

Attorney engagement for clients

By SimpleLaw837 on 9/26/18 11:53 AM

Ok, so you decided to move forward with your legal issue. You completed your search and are narrowing down your options. Now, to select and begin the engagement process. Remember, start with the end in mind. And remember it takes a team to resolve a case quickly and efficiently. Make sure the engagement process is smooth.

Topics: Attorneys Clients terms of engagement
1 min read

Coworking and the Law

By SimpleLaw837 on 9/19/18 10:56 AM

Coworking is more than a trend. We get it. There are so many benefits and conveniences to shared office spaces. From reduced cost to access to greater benefits, coworking, well, works. The question is if it is right for attorneys, and their clients. Let's look at some of the issues to consider.

Topics: coworking Attorney
2 min read

Outsourcing and efficiency for attorneys

By SimpleLaw837 on 9/12/18 2:41 PM

Outsourcing is a commonly used tool to increase efficiency. And that's true across industries. From consultants to babysitters, having an extra set of hands eases the stress and improves the overall result. The question then becomes, how do you know what to outsource, and how should you vet them?

Topics: outsourcing paralegal Uncategorized Attorney
1 min read

DIY Legal and Law Firms

By SimpleLaw on 9/5/18 12:07 PM

DIY legal options abound. And, for some situations, it is a good option. After all, clients need legal protection. All clients may not have the funds needed to hire an attorney. But hope is not lost. There is a third option.

Topics: DIY legal Uncategorized Clients Attorney
2 min read

Voice Search and Your Law Firm

By SimpleLaw837 on 8/29/18 10:03 AM

Tech trends show an increase in the use of voice-based search. And it is quickly growing. In a world where Siri, Alexa, Google, and Cortana have become household names, consumers ask questions. Then, they are  answered within seconds. The field of voice search can initially be difficult to navigate. However, understanding how it works, how to best use it, and why it’s important can help your practice grow.

Topics: legal tech Uncategorized artificial intelligence
2 min read

Great Moments in Law: Duty of Care

By SimpleLaw on 8/15/18 12:32 PM

In this week’s Great Moments in Law, we take a closer look at the topics of negligence and duty of care. The case that started it all, the “snail in the bottle” case, took place in Scotland. However, it has a great effect on laws in the United States.  As a result, Donoghue v. Stevenson established the tort of negligence and made manufacturers to observe a duty of care to their consumers.

Topics: great moments in law
2 min read

Bouncing Back from a Mistake

By SimpleLaw on 8/8/18 10:25 AM

No matter how long you’ve been practicing law, there’s always the possibility of well, making a mistake. Sure, you are experienced, professional and use your legal technology to never miss a bet. But everyone gets busy or distracted from time to time. Whether it’s a missed email, failing to keep track of billable time, or a simple misunderstanding, these things can have an effect on the reputation of a lawyer and the law firm. In the event your reputation takes a blow, here are some tips on how to bounce back.

Topics: Uncategorized
3 min read

Tips for a Successful Attorney-Client Relationship

By SimpleLaw on 8/1/18 11:15 AM

Creating strong attorney-client relationships is crucial to your firm.  It is more likely you will be recommended if your clients have a good experience.  It goes beyond simply being professional. And, SimpleLaw is here to help. We’ve created a list of five things that we believe to be central to building strong attorney-client relationships.

Topics: Attorneys Clients
1 min read

Great Moments in Law: Monopolies and the Standard Oil Company

By SimpleLaw on 7/25/18 12:38 PM

In this Great Moments in Law, we discuss the monopolization of industries. The US Supreme Court heard the Standard Oil vs US case over 100 years ago. However, the issues remain valid today. 

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Improve Your Billing System for Better Results

By SimpleLaw837 on 6/27/18 1:53 PM

One of the most essential sources to keep attorneys and law firms growing is the billing process. Between invoices, billable hours, and payments, it can be a challenge. So, make it easier to manage client understanding, expectation, and keep the cash flow fluid. Here are a few tips to improve your billing system to make the process easier for both you and your client.

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5 Tips for Lawyers to Maximize Efficiency

By SimpleLaw on 6/19/18 3:58 PM

Are you finding it a bit of a challenge to get all your stuff done on a daily basis?  Do you ever just want to say “no?”  If so, we have some ideas on how to maximize your efficiency.  So you learn when to prioritize which task and when to simply eliminate it. After all, it's about working smart.

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Thanks, Google Local!

By SimpleLaw837 on 6/13/18 10:29 AM

Business owners everywhere, we have another reason to rejoice. Beyond the standard joy of being a business owner. Yes, we know, there are pluses and minuses but hey, we wouldn’t do it if the benefits didn’t outweigh the negatives. But back to the point. It's about Google.

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Great Moments in Law: Lucasfilm v. Ainsworth (2011) and Copyrights

By SimpleLaw837 on 5/29/18 4:07 PM

In this edition of Great Moments in Law, we explore the protection provided by copyrights in design documents. A copyright is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work the exclusive rights to use and distribute. Artwork, films, music, books, broadcasts of games, and website content of design are all protected under copyrights.  We also explore the application of U.S. law in international courts.

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An Old-Fashioned Approach to Innovation

By SimpleLaw837 on 5/22/18 4:04 PM

Innovation is a bit of a trendy word. But there are many types of innovation. Certainly these days, the connotation is around technology. But to maximize the innovation, there needs to be someone to take the lead. That’s where the old-fashioned part comes in.

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The Move to Mobile and What You Need to Monitor

By SimpleLaw837 on 5/15/18 3:49 PM

As technology continue to grow, there is an increasing shift towards mobile devices. In fact, smartphones are the most used device to search and communicate. A 2017 study done by comScore International showed that 69% of U.S. respondents use their phone to search, as compared to 61% of those on laptops and 47% of those on desktops. However, there are positives and negatives in terms of using a mobile device.

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Great Moments in Law: New York Times vs Sullivan

By SimpleLaw on 5/8/18 10:29 PM

In this review of Great Moments in Law, we consider libel. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and the press. However, the exception is in the case of illegal activities or intentional harm to someone’s reputation. That is the topic of New York Times vs Sullivan. As a result, the malice standard is created.

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Law Day and Why It Matters

By SimpleLaw on 5/1/18 3:37 PM

Many of you took time to recognize Law Day on May 1. Certainly an important day in the lives of lawyers around the world. Too often, in the rush to get to our growing to-do list, we don’t take time out and reflect. To me, that’s what Law Day is all about.

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Adopting software requires more than an open mind

By SimpleLaw on 4/24/18 3:34 PM

Adopting software can transform processes. After all, that’s the point of using it. However, to get the most gain from the investment, you have to do more than ‘use’ the software. You really have to adopt it. That means so much more than just adding a new app, using a new file to store your documents, or other more task focused actions. It really takes a change in attitude, culture, and, to be honest, going through a little bit of pain.

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Make the Most of Your Bar Association Membership

By SimpleLaw on 4/17/18 3:29 PM

So, what are the benefits of bar association membership? Depends on who you ask. For most, it’s a great way to connect with other attorneys, have access to discounts to a variety of businesses, and work to improve the community. But, beyond that, how do members actually, in daily life, get benefits from membership? There are more than you may think. But you have to take an active approach if you want to get the most out of membership.

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Privacy and the Need for Greater Understanding

By SimpleLaw on 4/11/18 12:16 PM

So, with Facebook and it’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the spotlight right now, it’s a great time to revisit privacy. What exactly is private and what isn’t?

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Make the Law Accessible to All... Now

By SimpleLaw on 4/4/18 12:04 PM

For many, if not most, the law can be, well, a bit intimidating. Perhaps it’s all the TV shows that depict drama within and between firms and cases and attorneys themselves. There have been so many successful TV series in this vein. On one hand, it can make the process more human, more approachable. But it can also intimidate and make those who may need an attorney think twice.

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How to be a Good Client

By SimpleLaw on 3/28/18 11:53 AM

The attorney-client relationship is an important factor in the outcome of your case. It is not just the attorney’s job to deliver exceptional service in order to create the most optimal result. It goes both ways – clients have the power to ensure a better relationship by being organized and receptive, fostering good communication, and showing appreciation. There is more to being a good client than just paying your fees on time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with your attorney so you can do your part in the transaction to create a smoother and more pleasant legal experience.

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The Power of Tech to Change Lives

By SimpleLaw on 3/21/18 11:42 AM

Yeah, I know that sounds like a strong statement when it isn’t related to medicine. But there are some pretty great things happening right now in tech within the legal industry. We love being part of this community. And, we are always there to help our attorney and client users. While we are fans of our product, and our competitors, this new offering is really far more powerful. This new capability actual alters the course of someones future. We are talking about bail reform.

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Billing Options and Influencers

By SimpleLaw on 3/14/18 8:56 AM

There can be a variety of legal expenses with any case. In this blog, we focus on attorney costs and legal billing methods. Familiarize yourself with the different ways attorneys charge for their services, as well as some factors that affect prices. SimpleLaw offers you a guide so you are one step closer to hiring the right attorney at the right cost.

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Great Moments in Law: In Re Gault and Juvenile Justice

By SimpleLaw837 on 3/7/18 7:50 AM

For this week’s Great Moments in Law, we review the protection granted to juveniles facing delinquency and/or incarceration, basically, juvenile justice. The Fourteenth Amendment confirms that no state shall deprive a person of life, liberty, or property without due process, or fair procedures. However, prior to the In Re Gault case, the Due Process Clause applied to cases with adult defendants. Juvenile defendants were not consistently afforded the same rights.

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Clients as an Extension of the Legal Process

By SimpleLaw on 2/27/18 3:01 PM

You know the saying. You don’t need an attorney until you need an attorney. So finding the right one can be particularly challenging. Same goes for attorneys finding clients. So, it’s critical to make sure communication flows both ways. The ultimate goal is effectively and efficiently resolving the matter at hand. So, how do you maximize the attorney & client partnership?

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Artificial intelligence... who is smarter?

By SimpleLaw on 2/20/18 2:51 PM

There is so much talk going around right now about Artificial Intelligence. Certainly, it’s a hot topic across sectors. From the latest home management devices, and the brilliant ad campaign from Amazon on the Echo, to the now natural voice-to-text features on smartphones. All great stuff. But let’s take a moment and talk about the ‘intelligence’ piece.

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Take the long view for stocks and legal tech

By SimpleLaw on 2/13/18 2:37 PM

The stock market has certainly be a roller coaster these last few weeks. We can debate whether it is an overdue correction or cause for concern. But, history confirms one thing: take the long view. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t complete some due diligence. Review your holdings, see where you can protect more of your investment. The trick is to know which investments warrant the ‘long view’ and which you need to adjust. So, look beyond the headlines and consider the details. The same can be said for your legal tech.

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Legal terminology for Real Estate Transactions

By SimpleLaw837 on 2/6/18 2:07 PM

A client needs to understand their attorney and proceedings of their case. Legal terminology revolving around real estate law can be tough to learn without experience with working for the law or property. The acronyms and long phrases can muddle and confuse a client and affect the case. SimpleLaw offers this mini ‘dictionary’ for our users to help prepare and familiarize them for the basic but least commonly understood terms for real estate cases.

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How to Know When You Need An Attorney

By SimpleLaw on 1/30/18 3:34 PM

We live in the golden era of information. With modern technology, we can search for information anywhere and anytime. There is so much information that is available, it is sometimes hard to decipher the good from the bad. Because there is so much available information, some people might think that doing things themselves (DIY) is a better option then finding professional help.  Ok. Let’s stop there.

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Great Moments in Law: Protection from Illegal Search

By SimpleLaw on 1/16/18 3:24 PM

Time for a brief history lesson in this week’s Great Moments in Law. Protection from illegal search is the subject of Weeks v United States. It goes back to the beginnings of our law system. Our judicial system has origins in the common law of England. The common law states that evidence may be used no matter how it is found. However, in the late 19th century, lawyers began to argue that the Fourth Amendment, which protects people from unreasonable searches, was meaningless until it is used to prohibit evidence gained through illegal search.  

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Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks: LinkedIn

By SimpleLaw837 on 1/10/18 3:16 PM

Utilizing social media platforms for your business is an easy and inexpensive way to gain awareness, and hopefully clients, for your company. You don’t want to overlook any great promotional or marketing tool, especially those that are free. LinkedIn is one of those great tools. 

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Technology Trends for Attorneys for 2018

By SimpleLaw on 1/2/18 2:28 PM

Technology continues to transform industries. So, do you want to get a head start on the technology trends of 2018? SimpleLaw is here to help. We have compiled a list of the top 5 tech trends that you need to know for the new year. Attorneys, these technology trends provide more efficiency, ease of access to data, and security, which benefits you and your clients.

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'Tis the season to review

By SimpleLaw on 12/19/17 4:29 PM

You may think the topic is the holidays, but actually, going in a different direction here. It's all about a review, so to say.

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Social media content is easy. Kinda.

By SimpleLaw837 on 12/12/17 4:24 PM

Working on your social media content? Not that tough, really.

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Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks: Facebook

By SimpleLaw837 on 11/28/17 4:07 PM

Utilizing social media platforms for your business is an easy and inexpensive way to gain awareness, and hopefully clients, for your company. You don’t want to overlook any great promotional or marketing tool, especially those that are free. Facebook is one of those great tools.

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Officially the start of the Holiday season

By SimpleLaw on 11/21/17 3:57 PM

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we are reminded that the Holiday season starts very, very soon. In some cases, it has already started. Trees are lit and decorations are up. In the stores, Christmas items are readily available. Even the countdown of shopping days has begun!  I read an article yesterday that says putting your Holiday decorations up early can lead to greater happiness. But that made me wonder.

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Social Media Marketing Tools: Twitter

By SimpleLaw on 11/14/17 3:56 PM

Using social media platforms for your business is an easy and inexpensive way to grow awareness, and hopefully clients, for your company. You don’t want to overlook any great promotional and marketing tool, especially those that are free. Including Twitter.

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Great Moments in Law: Baker vs Carr: One Man, One Vote

By SimpleLaw837 on 11/7/17 3:53 PM

In 1962 in the state of Tennessee, the congressional district lines were not redrawn in over 60 years. One citizen of Memphis, Mr. Baker, noticed that his urban area had a tremendous population growth but did not have any more representatives than those in the rural areas. The last time the congressional lines were updated was the census of 1900. Clearly, one man's vote did not hold the same value as another due simply to where they lived. Therefore, concerns over one man, one vote came to the forefront.

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Where are the lawyers?

By SimpleLaw on 10/24/17 4:49 PM

Buzzfeed recently published an article, 'A Record Number of People Are Representing Themselves in Court - This Is What It's Like'. The article detailed some pretty harrowing experiences seen in UK courtrooms. Over four years after the UK overhauled their legal aid system, citizens face defending themselves. Many of these citizens don't have a higher eduction nor access to the resources needed to educate themselves on legal proceedings. It's a great article that is certainly worth the read. But that led me to the question of 'Where are the lawyers?'

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The Most Valuable Commodity in the World

By SimpleLaw on 10/17/17 4:47 PM


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Great Moments in Law: Evolution in the Classroom

By SimpleLaw on 10/10/17 4:44 PM

Time for a brief history lesson in this week’s Great Moments in Law! In this series, we remember the transformative power of the law. Let's review teaching evolution in the classroom.

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2 min read

The Case for Cloud-Based Technology

By SimpleLaw on 10/3/17 4:41 PM

Do you find it frustrating waiting for feedback on documents from colleagues? Can't get to your files on your desktop via your mobile device? Not sure if you are running the latest version of any particular software? Cloud-based technology addresses all of those issues, and more, and is something that we at SimpleLaw happen to excel in. We have compiled a list of reasons why the cloud is the way to go!

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Great Moments in Law: New Jersey v. T.L.O. (1985)

By SimpleLaw on 9/26/17 4:26 PM

In this Great Moment in Law issue, we review reasonable search. The right to search someone’s belongings must be reasonable, balanced with the needs and safety of others. As it goes, this right was not always widely understood or enforced.

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4 min read

5 Ways to Handle Negative Online Reviews

By SimpleLaw on 9/19/17 4:16 PM

In on a recent survey, 88% of respondents stated that they are influenced by online reviews. And yes, that includes negative reviews Bad reviews on a product or service can influence a potential client’s mind about a simple purchase or in engaging an attorney. So how do you deal with a negative online reviews of your business? We at SimpleLaw have compiled a list of ways to correctly handle negative online reviews in a way that makes your business look good.

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Great Moments in Law: Miranda v. Arizona (1966)

By SimpleLaw837 on 9/12/17 4:14 PM

In this weeks blog, we consider another Great Moment in Law. We review the Miranda Rights. To protect the defendant as well as the arresting party, these rights clearly protect both parties. Although at first blush this case seems fairly typical, it wasn't. And that's due solely to the courage of the defendants and the skill of their attorneys.

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Are Attorneys Superheroes?

By SimpleLaw on 9/5/17 4:12 PM


Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, leaving disaster in it’s path. People don’t often think about the legal issues until well after the disaster has passed. But, it can be surprising the amount of legal support people need. Disasters such as Harvey create havoc with insurance claims and more. Issues with loss of homes, payments on rental homes, mortgages, loss of important documents and so much more need immediate legal support. What people need are superheroes. Legal superheroes. 

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1 min read

Great Moments in Law: Tinker v. Des Moines (1969)

By SimpleLaw on 8/29/17 4:02 PM

In this weeks blog, we again turn our attention to Great Moments in Law. This 1965 case challenged the role of freedom of expression as it pertains to clothing. Hard to believe, but wearing what we wanted with no concern over repercussion, wasn't always the case.

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5 Marketing Techniques to Help Grow Your Firm

By SimpleLaw837 on 8/22/17 3:59 PM


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Tips on Maintaining Your Online Profile as an Attorney

By SimpleLaw on 8/15/17 3:49 PM

As today’s world is driven by technology and the ease for consumers to post feedback - positive and negative - it is vital for attorneys to establish and maintain an online profile. How you appear online can vastly affect your practice. We at SimpleLaw have a few tips that will help make maintaining your profile a little easier.

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Great Moments in Law: Right to a Defense Attorney

By SimpleLaw on 7/25/17 3:18 PM

You never know where a groundbreaking case will come from. In this instance, the supreme court reviewed a fairly typical event. However, the defendant stood up for his rights and ultimately ended up in front of the US Supreme Court. 

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3 min read

The Tech Trends Attorneys Need to Know

By SimpleLaw on 7/19/17 3:14 PM

There are so many lists floating around cyberspace about technology trends and how they can affect attorneys. Which of those trends are actually trending? So we condensed the lists to the top five technology trends.

Topics: Law Practice lawyers legal technology Attorneys
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Great Moments in Law: Education Rights

By SimpleLaw837 on 7/14/17 11:54 AM


What can we say? We love the law. We love the power it has to bring issues in to focus. But not all cases are the same. Some actually are more important this others. In this blog post, we consider one of the big ones.

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Great Moments in Law: Multiracial Marital Rights Loving v. Virginia

By SimpleLaw on 7/6/17 11:41 AM

In our continuing series, Great Moments in Law, we celebrate some pretty remarkable cases. In this weeks blog, we turn our attention to multiracial marital rights. Like so many rights we take for granted today, the initial case challenged the status quo to drive real change.

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The Changing Relationship between Attorneys and Clients

By SimpleLaw837 on 6/26/17 11:20 AM


As I was doing some research on the top issues facing attorneys and clients, I came across a great report from Georgetown Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession. Working with Peer Monitor from Reuters, they issued their annual Report on the State of the Legal Market for 2017 earlier this year. The outcome? The changing relationship between attorneys and clients.

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Lawyers are Entrepreneurs whether they realize it or not.

By SimpleLaw on 5/2/17 1:34 AM

My grandpa, a classic septuagenarian often took pride in being a "Lawyer", he was like most other Lawyers who do not consider themselves business people or entrepreneur but a professional. On a contrary, most lawyers are entrepreneurs whether they realize it or not.Things have changed for us millennial lawyers, who are an interconnected with technology, network of attorneys and clients.We are forced to think about issues beyond strict legal practice, there are a number of administrative issues to deal when practicing law, everything from: clients, billing, conflicts checking, managing trusts, networking, accounting and managing day today tasks.

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Collaboration made Simple for Lawyers

By SimpleLaw on 4/17/17 1:30 AM

I still remember my grandpa`s library, the hard bound books, the brown heavily carved old fashioned book cabinet and the ticking sound of pendulum clock. The more you crammed, the more successful you were. Owning car (the Peugeot and ambassadors) was a mark of status. Today, we have e-books and digital papers through a handheld device which we anachronistically for ever will call a mobile phone, The mark of status is in owning a single seater car or taking an uber to travel when needed.

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Can you afford not to have a lawyer?

By SimpleLaw837 on 11/6/16 11:44 PM

To collect debts or to take a loss is one of the most painstaking decisions all businesses make every year. We are living in times where one’s productivity is measured by profits earned, and this discounts all the efforts one has put in.

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