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Connect with clients today.

Client Profile

Everything in one place. Nice.

Paralegal Profile

Helping is your superpower.

Student Perks

Discounts for current students.

Just Say No To Sticky Notes

Our tasks follow you wherever you go. Yeah, mixed bag.


The To-Do List Always At Your Fingertips.

It's a blessing and a burden, we know.

All Tasks In One Place

Create tasks for each case, anytime. Add as much detail as you want. You can assign the task to anyone with a profile in your law firm, too. 

Due dates, status changes, and more all in one place. Never worry about where you left your note pad or those darn sticky notes...  stop leaving your success to chance.


Individual Puzzle Pieces

See All Tasks, Too

Seeing more than just the individual pieces and seeing tasks across all cases is critical. Managing work resources is important.

This is how organization becomes your new superpower.

puzzle with few missing pieces

Feeling Overwhelmed? 

We've been there.

Once you see all those items that need your attention in one place, it can feel like you are pushing that boulder up that hill.  But don't worry. We got you.

If you need a hand tackling that to-do list, it's easy to access on-demand paralegal support right from the SimpleLaw portal. Whether it's for one case, a few cases, or maybe even on a regular basis. 

Hands typing on a computer keyboard

Ready to take control of your tasks? 

Time to show them whose boss. And it's just one of our many features to help you take control of managing cases and your practice. Ready to add another task? Book a demo today.


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