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The Case for Paperless Courts and Cases

By SimpleLaw on 3/31/18 8:59 PM

The most recent technology trend in the courtroom can be summed up in one word: paperless. More and more courts are moving to a paperless system. True, there have been hiccups, but those things happen with paper-based models too. The same can be said for your law firm, whether your courts have moved to a paperless system or not.

Paperless Courts

In 2009, a study in Manatee County, Florida found that e-filing more than 2 million documents per year saved around $1 million. Where did the savings come from? Documents are filed electronically or scanned into the system where judges can then download the information to their laptops.

Unfortunately some states are finding it difficult to switchover.

However, that doesn't mean you can't.

Paperless Cases

There are many advantages to moving to an all-electronic document approach in your firm. Legal technology is addressing this opportunity. The right legal technology provides great cost and time savings, reducing the potential expense to clients, making the law more accessible. And, most importantly, lets the entire firm, whether a solo firm or a large firm, work from any location where they can connect to the internet. Unfortunately, the adoption of legal tech in the United States remains on the lower side.

While courts are still in the process of transitioning here in the United States, the Supreme Court of India is leading the way.

Step by step, review the process for going paperless. In this white paper, review storage options, security needs, file organization, and of course, the switching over process. And, in the end, save time and cost for you and your clients. And create the ability for your law firm to work from any location.

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