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Legal Billing Options and Influencers

By SimpleLaw on 6/20/18 4:47 PM

There are options when determining how to manage legal billing. In this infographic, consider your options. And, review the influencers for the cost. Review the most common forms of billing and what drives each choice. There are benefits to each, depending on the type of matter. The most important piece of advice is to work with your attorney to figure it all out.

In this infographic, we review the most common forms of billing. The Hourly Rate, a Flat Rate, Contingency and a Retainer set-up. There are benefits to each. However, ensuring the best option is selected, speak with your attorney. As you may guess, each case is different. As a result, consider a combination of options.  Whatever you decide, work it out with your attorney in advance. Be sure to ask these question before you engage your attorney and do check-in with multiple attorneys to get various perspectives. Some attorneys work best with flat fee, for example. Others like the more typical hourly rate. Don't be afraid to ask the attorney why they use what they do and how that may influence the cost of resolving your case. 

So, when you engage your attorney, know which questions to ask. Depending on your case, you may have options. Remember, your case may have costs beyond the legal fees. These can include filing fees, costs for a paralegal professional, mailing costs if the attorney is paper-based, fees for experts if it's called for in your matter and others. Again, be sure to ask your attorney for a complete financial forecast to resolve your matter, regardless of the billing type, to ensure you are well informed. For more about those potential costs, and how they can actually result in savings, read our blog post about the same topic.

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