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SimpleLaw is a proud partner of NALA, the Paralegal Association. Their certified paralegals add their profiles to SimpleLaw so you get the help you need, whatever the task at hand. 

Our subscribing attorneys have 24/7 access to these on-demand paralegal superheroes. So whether it's for one document, one matter, multiple matters, or ongoing, we got you. Well, actually, they got you.

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NALA | The Paralegal Association

Yeah, They are as Cool As You Think

Since 1975, NALA has been trusted to provide exceptional continuing education and professional development designed specifically to advance paralegals in their careers. 

NALA is the leading paralegal association nationwide representing more than 18,000 paralegals, who are individual members and members of NALA affiliated associations. NALA sets the national standard for paralegal excellence.

Paralegal Professionals

Are you a paralegal wanting to add your profile? Looking for a paralegal side-hustle and want to offer your services? It's simple. It all starts with adding your unique email and completing the registration form for Paralegal profiles. Any questions? Contact us. at


8 Tips To Increase Efficiency

Want to get more done in a day, week, or let's face it, an hour? Yeah, us too. We spent time researching best practices so you don't have to. See, you are already saving time!


8 Tips To Maximize Efficiency