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Connect with clients today.

Client Profile

Everything in one place. Nice.

Paralegal Profile

Helping is your superpower.

Student Perks

Discounts for current students.

Instant Network

Refer matters and find co-counsel through the platform.

Male and Female Profiles

Refer cases in a snap.

Stop spending all that time emailing or calling fellow attorneys to see if they are available for a new case.

Easily search for an attorney with a profile on SimpleLaw or invite someone you know. Once accepted by the attorney and the client, they are connected through SimpleLaw. No need to forward any information, make the initial connection. None of that.

Female and Male Profiles

Find Co-Counsel anytime.

Finding co-counsel on a case really taxes your time. With SimpleLaw, search for co-counsel right through the platform.

Once accepted by the attorney and client, the additional lawyer has immediate visibility to the matter. No need to send a big email or files.


How It All Works

Vetted Attorneys

As you know if you already added your own attorney profile, we verify attorneys are in good standing with their licensing authority before accepting profiles.

And all of those profiles? You guessed it. That's your network. Think of it as a social media platform for vetted attorneys only without any of those weird algorithms or activity tracing stuff. That's just creepy.

Lady Justice with Scales

Find The Right Attorney

Search for the right attorney for the case from all the vetted profiles who have opted in for referral or co-counsel. Your criteria. Your choice.

Have someone you would like to include that isn't on the platform? Send an invitation, straight from SimpleLaw. Once they are vetted and their profile is added, it's easy to go from there.

3 darts on the center ring of a dartboard

It's Up To The Client

Naturally, it's up to the client to accept the referred attorney or the co-counsel you suggest. The client receives a notification that there is a new attorney to review. Once accepted by the client, the connection is made right through the platform.

No need to forward any documents, information, or anything else. The case information is visible to the attorney right through the platform. Ready to find out more?

Any Questions?

person standing in front of 3 arrows pointing different ways

Seriously, it's that easy.

No need to spend your limited time searching, vetting, and connecting with other attorneys. Think of it as your instant network. 


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