Keeping Lawyers and Law Firms Healthy

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Keeping Lawyers Mentally Healthy

Stress is no joke. As if attorneys didn't already have enough, add on the urgent changes required to keep it all going. We are here to help.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathing exercises help to reduce stress. Only have 5 minutes? Maybe 15? We have options for you. Use them individually or sequentially. As often as you like.

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Mindfulness helps us to stay present in each moment, without judgment. 


Meditation helps create a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.


Conscious control of breathing helps promote relaxation and reduce stress.


Keeping Lawyers Physically Healthy

The new 'normal' is throwing our bodies into some uncharted waters, too. The lack of physical exercise, whether you used to go to the gym or just walk throughout the day, has negative effects, too. It's critical to keep our bodies healthy. 

Upper body, lower body, core, and high-intensity interval training all help keep your body healthy. Whether you have 4 minutes or 45 or more, the training videos shown below can be used individually, as a group, or any combination. As often as you like.

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Upper Body + Core Strength

Upper body strength improves posture, reduces injury risk, and improves overall health.

Lower Body + Core Strength

Lower body strength increases stability and endurance. It also eases everyday movements.

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT efficiently boosts metabolism and can improve cardiovascular health and blood pressure.


Keeping Law Firms Healthy

To help law firms working remotely, both new and existing subscribers get a free 2 week trial of SimpleLaw.


Now.... and Later

Sure, the need is urgent and you need to move quickly. Rest assured, the benefits you need now will only create additional efficiency when things go back to 'normal', whenever and whatever that will be. 

We continue to upgrade the features of our platform, too.