Streamlined Conflict Checking

Search by name or email. Simple.



Conflict checking in a flash

It must be done well and thoroughly. And faster is better. So, that's what we created!


Who do you know?

Avoid sticky situations. In one quick search, find out who you know.
  • Search by First Name, Last Name, or Email.
  • Each and every place the search information is recorded on the SimpleLaw platform is shown. Voila!
  • Role is also noted, whether client, contact, or lead.
Simple. And fast.
Add Attorney Profile

Leads, Clients, and Contacts: Who is included in Conflict Checking on SimpleLaw?

  • Potential clients that connect with individual attorney(s)
  • Leads through the Advice tab
  • Clients for all matters on SimpleLaw, whether active or closed
  • Contacts on every case
  • Referrals and Co-Counsel, too

If a name or email is stored on SimpleLaw, it's included!

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