Connect With Potential Clients 

Think of it as 24/7 business development. 



Connect with potential clients where your cases and practice are managed.


We help potential clients find you.  We know it’s tough to build a firm while managing it too, so we bring potential clients to you.

We connect with potential clients bringing them to the SimpleLaw website through social media, content, and referrals. Clients prefer SimpleLaw because the entire search process and responses are in one secure portal. 

Anyone looking for legal representation can create an account, search all the attorney profiles on SimpleLaw, and submit a detailed request or question to one or many attorneys.

From the SimpleLaw platform you can accept the lead, complete the initial discussion, and share agreements. Once accepted by the potential client, a case is automatically created, eliminating any duplicate efforts.



We take security very seriously. Very, very seriously. We know data protection is vital. (After all, we’re attorneys, too!) So, we use multiple data security tools to ensure the best possible protection. Security Features:

  • 24/7 malware, virus, and phishing monitoring
  • 256-bit encryption of all data traveling to and from the platform
  • Continuous monitoring using the latest from Comodo, a leader in cybersecurity 
Legal Tech for Attorneys and Clients-

Client Connection Options

Potential clients have the choice of searching for an attorney from our Find An Attorney page. From there, they search across a few criteria. Then, they view more details about each attorney. They can then select 1, 2, or 3 attorneys and with one click, describe their need. Each attorney is notified that a potential client has reached out and can log in to SimpleLaw to see the details. The client portal is created upon submission. Clients log in to see all responses from attorneys in one central location. No more searching through emails to track who said what. Simple.

Clients can also post a question to the portal if they aren't sure what type of attorney they need. Attorneys are notified there is a question on the portal and can login to answer, noting any fees and their initial response. 

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