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We're Like A Matchmaker, but Better. 

Connecting clients and attorneys, 24/7. 

We can't help you find your soul mate, but we do connect you with potential clients. We know it’s tough to build a firm while managing it too, so we bring potential clients to you. There is never a fee if you gain a new client or matter either. 

Potential clients can post open questions on the portal and look for specific attorneys, too. All we ask is that you respond. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

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It Takes Two. 

We Vet Potential Clients, Too. 

We know how it goes. Your profile is online in a few different places. Your valuable time is spent replying to clients who never respond or aren't really ready to hire. 

We can't guarantee you will gain a new case or client from SimpleLaw. But we do vet the potential clients, too. We make sure they are ready to hire, not just get some free advice. 

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More Tips To Grow Your Law Firm. 

5 basic steps help you connect with more potential clients. 


5 Tips To Grow Your Law Firm