We are pretty excited to be going back to ABA TECHSHOW this year. We had a great experience last year and met a lot of great people. The best part of the show is seeing what everyone is up to and what attorneys are looking for in their tech.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We definitely learned that not all attorneys want the same from their tech. We are pretty psyched that our platform connects potential clients and attorneys on the case platform where the case and practice are managed. Not only does it eliminate redundant processes, it's like a 24/7 business development tool. And, it's totally free.

But we are kind of surprised when attorneys tell us they don't want to have a public profile. We understand (and have experienced) that some potential clients are fishing for free legal advice. Reminds me of a friend who is a doctor. She doesn't like sharing that fact with new people right away. It always becomes, hey, I have this thing... Same for attorneys.

But, if you want to grow your firm, being online is critical. In a recent study from ilawyermarketing, 58% of people looking for legal representation reach out to 3 attorneys. And they do that online. So the more present you are, the better.

But we get it. And we listen. So, attorneys with profiles on the SimpleLaw platform now have the option to have a public or private profile. You do you.

Reducing Pain Points

It all started not so very long ago. The whole point of legal technology is to resolve or reduce pain points for attorneys. Too much time was being spent managing time tracking, invoicing, collecting, documents, and the like. Really, attorneys need to be working in their area of expertise to be productive.

Pain points are being resolved by tech. One at a time. Or, with platforms like ours, several at a time. But the previous capabilities are ready for the next level of fine tuning. We love that phrase around here. We are always fine tuning our features. After attorneys use the software, they have even better ideas. So we listen.

So, at TECHSHOW, we will be announcing some 'fine tuning' of our recent capabilities. Stop by our booth, #510, to check it out. Pick up a screen/keyboard cleaner because hey, if your computer isn't at full capacity, neither are you.

All About Connections

It's all about connections. We like the in-person kind because frankly, we are always tied to our computers. So we are excited to get out of our 'offices' - whether homes or the central office - and get out and connect.

Keeping those connections when you leave ABA TECHSHOW can be tricky though. We get it. We certainly remember the great people who stop by for a demo, watch the magic show (yes, Danny is BACK!), and chat with us. Since Chicago is our hometown, stop by for our recommendations on great restaurants, nice places to grab a nightcap and a view, and to debate the Cubs vs White Sox. Want to chat legal tech too? We are totally down for that.

But for you, if you are attending ABA TECHSHOW, we get how tough it can be. Companies tend to blend together. Who said what. Did you take notes? Chances are you didn't. Or didn't need to since you know we are all following up with everyone who lets us scan their badge.

For us, it's a great way to hear what you want. What features are you looking for. What is most important to you, not just in legal tech, but in your firm. Tech is a tool for your firm. Not the focus of it. So, the more you tell us, the more we can help.

And we will be announcing more great features to help you stay connected with your potential clients, current clients, and past clients, too.

So, stop by the booth. See the magic. And see the magician. If you tell us you read this blog, you will be entered to win a great wireless speaker, too.


Written by SimpleLaw