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How To Start The Stuff You Are Avoiding

By SimpleLaw on 9/24/20 10:15 AM

Everyone has one or two things that they find hard to start. A tough conversation, a fitness routine, or maybe even tackling that closet can all seem daunting. But everyone, whether personally or professionally, has things they need to do that are difficult to start. Adopting software, looking for an attorney, or hanging that shingle are some of the more common hurdles we hear.

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Maximize Your Efficiency

By SimpleLaw on 9/17/20 10:15 AM

No one has more time in their day than anyone else, even if some people seem like they do. What's the difference? Efficiency. Here are our top 8 tricks. We could have stopped at 5 but the additional 3 really do make a difference.

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How To Grow Your Law Firm

By SimpleLaw on 9/10/20 10:15 AM

We get it. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. Between making sure cases are on track, making sure billing is caught up, and managing the overall practice, business development isn't always at the top of the list. Here are some key activities you can do - easily and quickly -  to help grow your firm.

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Overcoming The Challenges of Running A Solo Law Firm

By SimpleLaw on 9/3/20 10:15 AM

Let's start with the goal in mind: a successful solo law firm where you spend more time practicing law than anything else. So, how do you get to that goal? In some ways, it's not as tough as you think. On others, it's tougher than you may believe. The difference is all about you.

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The Basics of Being a Good Client

By SimpleLaw on 8/27/20 10:15 AM

Sure, you don't often think about being a good client. After all, you are the one with the legal issue hiring a lawyer to help you out. And, the client is always right, right? Well, sure, but if you want things to run as smoothly as possible, it's a two-sided street. 

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Why You Need To Start Saying Yes To Technology

By SimpleLaw on 8/20/20 10:15 AM

It isn't easy for anyone but for solo attorneys and small law firms, it's tough to get it all done. Some days feel like you are on the old hamster wheel that won't stop and it's not all spent practicing law. You aren't alone. According to the 2019 State of Small Law Firms Report only about 60% of an attorney's day is actually spent practicing law while the remainder of the day is spent running the firm (managing finances, trying to gain new clients, etc.). All that time and energy just to keep the status quo. Exhausting right? 

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How to Address Evolving Client Expectations

By SimpleLaw on 8/13/20 10:15 AM

As clients increasingly demand transparency in their cases, law firms are facing some pressure. Clients want to know their case is being handled as efficiently as possible. This has become more evident as clients have become more tech-savvy and have grown used to the efficiency of services used in their daily lives in other sectors (think Amazon, etc.).  So, what does this mean for attorneys? Let's look at the client view to get a better understanding.

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Access to Justice During the Pandemic and Beyond

By SimpleLaw on 8/6/20 10:15 AM

Lack of access to justice is a long standing issue for a variety of reasons. Financial issues, rural 'legal deserts,' and simply finding the right attorney are just some obstacles that challenge potential clients. This gap is magnified even further by the pandemic.

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The Human Connection and Law

By SimpleLaw on 7/30/20 10:15 AM

Depending on how your state categorized attorneys - as essential or non-essential workers - COVID was either a huge disruption or maybe just a slight change in your work life. But to your clients, it was more than likely a pretty dramatic adjustment. 

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Top Challenges of law Firms And How To Tame Them

By SimpleLaw on 7/23/20 10:15 AM

Recent analysis, Bright Insight, was released by ALM and for 2020. It provides some really good insight into the world of law firms, from solo/small to large firms. Identifying the top issues law firms are facing, both pre and post COVID, is invaluable information. The key takeaways are the top issues firms are facing and what they are doing about it... from quite a bit actually to nothing at all. 

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To Text Or Not To Text

By SimpleLaw on 7/16/20 2:49 PM

We are all on the run these days and always connected. It's super easy to send a text off to any or many contacts. Talk about convenience. But, just because you can doesn't mean you should. But when you do need to communicate, is email always the answer? Probably not. As a person who is all over email - literally that icon with the number in it makes me nuts - I only want email when its absolutely necessary. So, the question remains - to text or not to text. Below are some key areas to consider when making that choice.

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Supporting Clients In A COVID World

By SimpleLaw on 7/2/20 10:00 AM

There has been some great content lately about COVID and its impact on law firms. But before we get to that, can I just say, wow. That kind of came fast and hard. We are saddened to see the devastating physical, emotional, and economic pain this has caused and continues to cause to so many, around the world. We are in this together. If your firm is struggling, contact us at We can't fix much, but we are happy to offer you some free or discounted software until you get back on track.

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