Where to begin! The show itself was great. We love meeting people and having our resident magician in the booth brought some levity to us and attendees. Walking the floor is definitely a bit overwhelming... where to stop, what makes one product better than the other, do I really need this new product, etc.? But also, who has the good giveaways!?

The Plus Side

We are really people-people. We really enjoy meeting new folks, reconnecting with those we already know, and chatting all things legal tech. We had magic, candy, mints, a screen/keyboard cleaner (so far, our favorite giveaway!), and a now-worth-$250-bottle-of-hand-santizer! Who knew that was going to be such a good investment. Stay safe out there and seriously, wash your hands.

We did so many demos... so much interest in our platform. And people were very honest in what they need and want. So, we have already taken that back to our tech team and are on it. The reality of this entire legal tech industry is we, as providers, need to offer the tools attorneys need. If we don't, we may be a good idea (or a great one), but it won't matter. So, our focus is on listening to your needs and finding a way to make that happen. That has always been our focus, and will continue to be.

Meeting new providers in the industry is always great too. From QuickFee and Corvum to Donut and Podium, as technology advances, so does its application. Which is ALL good. But the trick is prioritizing your problems and addressing those, instead of considering all the many great tools out there. Like all things, it's about time and benefit.

What We Learned

It's hard not to get distracted by the bright shiny objects. There are SO many great potential partners out there that can do just about anything you want. Seriously, I was 'pitched' as much as I was pitching. Which is great, don't get me wrong. But it did make me think about each platform, what they offer, what makes them different or unique.

For us, we are going to stay true to our core premise. Simple. Don't confuse simple with simplistic. The definition of simple is: 'easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.'

That's us. Super simple to learn and use. Really, we aren't just saying that. Our users have unlimited live training throughout their subscription. Yup. And on average, I'd say they use between 2 to 3 hours tops. We would do webinars on training, but no one comes! And we are so focused on keeping it Simple, we had to say no to some great people. Who we genuinely like. See the section above.

So, we are taking what we heard from our discussions. Identifying the true needs that attorneys really need, and making sure it's simple to use. We will create most of those features on our own, if not all of them. If it doesn't make sense to do it on our own, we will reach out to the potential partners we met. But it must be Simple. Simple for Lawyers. Simple for Clients. Tech should help you manage your cases and practice, not require a lot of your time to manage it. If that's what you want, set up a demo today.


Written by SimpleLaw