We are living in a truly unprecedented time. The entire world is facing a highly contagious and potentially life-threatening virus, requiring life-as-we-know-it to be drastically changed. Right now. But some aspects of life have not changed. There is still very much the need for legal issues to be resolved. So, if attorneys have not yet adopted technology, they will need to adopt it as quickly as possible. Or possibly face closure down the road.

Not Ideal But Here We Are

The need to adopt legal technology is right now. Like right now, this moment. It's simply a matter of time until offices close. And the return to 'normalcy' is not yet in site. Law firms need to quickly get on cloud-based platforms to ensure the survival of their law firm.

No one likes to feel forced, that's for certain. And there may be ways for law firms to continue on, if they are a small firm and limit interaction with clients to phone calls, online video chats, and the like. We have seen San Francisco enact a full 'shelter in place' policy, where residents are not allowed to leave their home, with the exception of certain essential services. And it is unlikely that San Francisco will be the only city to enact this type of policy.

So, you need to ask yourself, if this were to happen in your city, what happens to your practice?

When You Need To Work Remotely... Right Now

The good news is for the legal profession, there are a plethora of cloud-based legal tech platforms. And each of them offer great functionality to improve the efficiency of law firms. But it's not about efficiency right now. It's about being able to continue to serve clients and keep the doors open for your law firm.

We strongly encourage you to review your options. If you are already on a cloud-based legal tech platform, congratulations. You and your team are ready to work from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time. If you are not yet on legal tech, we strongly encourage you to act, and act soon.

Review Options... but Fast

A great resource for reviewing platform options is Lawyerist. You can review benefits of each platform and compare capabilities. Be sure to look for cloud-based platforms, which allows you to work anywhere with an internet connection. Consider what your law firm truly needs, without getting side-tracked by all the bells and whistles. As a legal tech provider, we can almost guarantee you that every cloud-based platform will continue to roll out enhancements... as technology advances capabilities, providers leverage that technology to bring even more benefits. Remember to keep your clients in mind, too. They will be looking for the ability to see the status of their matter online, too.

And know that SimpleLaw is here to help. We know this is a challenging time for law firms. We are founded by attorneys, so we truly get it. We are now offering a free 2 Month Subscription to SimpleLaw for ALL new and existing subscribers. It's our way of saying we are #InThisTogether. SimpleLaw is just that - simple, meaning easy to learn and use. But don't confuse simple with basic. Our robust platform gives you everything you need to manage cases and your practice... from anywhere.

If we can be of any help, reach out to us anytime at Hello@SimpleLaw.com. Or visit our website to chat with our team. We are here to help, now and later.

And most of all be safe. Wash your hands.


Written by SimpleLaw