We are 2 weeks out from ABA TECHSHOW. We are still busy (happily!) connecting with the people we met at the show. SO MANY DEMOS. Whew. ALL GOOD. But the biggest issue for our fellow demo-ees? Change.

So it got me thinking. What is so hard about change? Don't get me wrong. I'm a believer in the 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it' mentality. But the key to making that work is the definition of 'broken'.

Defining 'Broken'

That's really a personal perspective. Some things we can all agree on. If your computer crashes, that's broken. But what about the situations that aren't as clear.

Getting insight to your definition of 'broken' requires some reflection. And/or some data. Most law firms aren't (yet) tracking productivity measures but for those that are, this will be a bit easier.

  • What is your productivity?
    • How many hours are spent on billable vs non-billable hours for matters?
    • How many hours are spent on non-matter related work?
    • Of those hours, how are those being spent? Is there a better way?

Managing Change

I actually have a Masters Degree in Marketing with a focus on Organizational Change. Change Management is a whole thing, people. And it's fascinating.

Minds greater than mine have spent countless hours analyzing the process of change. And have developed some great change management principles, including how to adopt change. We have a white paper all about it. I'm a big fan of change management but I promise you, it's worth the read no matter your interest level.

To summarize, it's all about connecting with people and encouraging them to make the change. It's about letting people know the good that will come from it. And trying to adopt a continuous change culture.

It's About People

Whether it's you as a solo attorney or with your co-workers in your firm, understanding the reasons people may be change averse is a good place to start. Many times, at least in our experience, the change fears are unfounded.

Yes, it will require some new learning. New processes, procedures etc. But realizing that there is positive results on the other side is key. Time savings, cost savings, and even greater work/life balance. Those are pretty good things.

It's About Tech

We know. We are legal tech so we are going to say that. But it's true. For all attorneys. We are working with so many people who are moving to SimpleLaw from other platforms. Yes, it's a change. But we make it simple. We do all the lifting in terms of getting started on the platform. And we have unlimited free training. And more.

Because tech is the future for connecting with people. And tech will continue to change. So the more we get used to change - and focus on being a learning organization, committed to adopting change when it delivers real benefits - the better off not only the law firm will be, but the better the client and frankly, the entire legal profession.

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Written by SimpleLaw