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Take Control of Your Health, Too.  

Stress, uncertainty, and challenging market conditions are legit causes of concern. See how to help deal with it all.

Stay Healthy Mentally and Physically

Have 5 minutes? Maybe more? Choose from a variety of exercises to fit whatever fits your day.


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Take a 3 count breath in and 3 count breath out.

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Other Tips 

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Managing Stress

How To Start The Stuff You Are Avoiding

4 min read

5 Tips for Managing Stress as a Lawyer

Stress is present in all professions. But, it is endemic in the legal profession. And unchecked stress breads...

3 min read

Tips for a Successful Attorney-Client Relationship

Creating strong attorney-client relationships is crucial to your firm.  It is more likely you will be recommended if...

5 min read

Using Punctuation to Make Your Point

Grammar and punctuation matters. Misused punctuation marks can obscure the intentions of a written argument, court...


Take Control of Your Cases and Practice, Too.

It usually boils down to finding the time to take care of work and your personal life. See how our case management software empowers you professionally so you can take care of your personal life, too.

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