Time Tracking Your Way

3 Options to Match Your Approach



Flexible to fit your needs

How much time do you spend tracking your time? 

Time tracking should be simple. It should work how you want it to work. That's why we now offer 3 (!) ways for attorneys to track their time on SimpleLaw.
  • Responsive Time Tracking (NEW!): You control the clock. Start, pause, or stop the time entry as you work on each subject. Enter the description, note billable or non-billable, hit save, and move on to the next task at hand. All saved directly to the matter and ready for invoicing. Simple.

  • Automated Time Tracking: The clock starts when you open the matter. Mark the time billable or leave it as non-billable. Move freely between matters and time is automatically tracked. When you logout, enter the description of time spent, adjust as needed, and save. Simple.

  • Manual Entry: A simple click of a button to add a time entry as you like when you like. Mark it billable or not.

So no matter how you work, there is an easy choice for you. Manual entry is always available, whether you choose automated time tracking or responsive. And editing is easy, too.


And, It's Customizable!

We get it. Not everyone wants the same, standard settings.
  • Choose your own reminder interval. A pop-up appears on your screen after your specified time period of inactivity to confirm you are still working on that task.
  • If your firm rounds time for billing purposes, you can set that, too. Time entries are automatically rounded for billing purposes.
And there is no additional fee. It's included in your base subscription rate. Efficient, just like you. Simple.
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Best Practices for Time Tracking

  • Define your process - and stick to it
  • Enter time as soon as possible
  • Track all of your time
  • Be descriptive
  • Think holistically

Check out our blog to get more details.

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