The need to work remotely is suddenly very urgent, with good cause. Technology is a key tool to ensure the health of law firms and lawyers. But it goes beyond the tech to your legal team. Change is not always easy to embrace and sudden change amidst a global pandemic only adds to the challenge. In this infographic, we offer 5 Tips to help transition your team to working remotely. The good news? It involves pizza.

Working remotely really isn't all the different from working in an office, once you get the hang of it. It's the transition process that can cause some pretty big upheaval. It starts with the work process. 

  • Where do you store your files? If you are paper-based, this will be tough.
  • How do you manage your matters? From intake through to matter managements, how do you manage the process?
  • How do you connect with clients? That includes potential clients, current clients, and past clients. Most attorneys use some form of electronic communication, like e-mail. But how are all those e-mails tracked? Can you easily see them in one location?
  • Dealing with your local courts and filing is all up to them. Many are offering remote 'court', through a video link or the like. 

For practical tips on transitioning, check out the infographic: 5 Tips to Transition a Team to Working Remotely

For more detailed information on these tips, check out our blog post.

See below for a quick list of suggested tech tools and resources:


Written by SimpleLaw