There are so many things to consider when reopening your law office amid the looming COVID-19 crisis. It may seem overwhelming, and honestly a little bit intimidating.  In this infographic, we will review 5 tips to help you reopen your office safely and give your firm some peace of mind.

With so much to think about where do you begin?  Start with 'office access.'  Meaning, is your building allowing tenants back into the building at this time?  If so, how many employees can be in your office at one time?  Next, consider all of the protocols you can put in place to keep your firm healthy.  Inform employees of office safety practices, such as good hand washing and disinfecting practices.  Are masks required at all times?  Or only necessary when in certain parts of the office? 

Monitoring the health of all of your employees will be an ongoing task until...a vaccine? We don't know.  Keep up-to-date with information from your local authorities and encourage consistent two-way communication between you and your employees.  This is one time when it cannot be emphasized enough, if someone doesn't feel well they should stay home...period. 

We hope and pray that once this pandemic is firmly behind us, we won't face anything like this ever again.  But the crisis has left us all wondering...what else could happen?  Now is the time to reflect on what has worked for your firm and what has not.  Are there systems that could be improved to make working remotely run more smoothly?  Do you need to move your documents to the cloud?  Is your invoicing/payment system efficient?  You get the idea. Get feedback from your employees too, so your firm is prepared for whatever may come your way in the future.

Lastly, and possibly most important, keep communication open and ongoing with all of your employees. Check-in with each one individually and gauge where they are mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Everyone's experience during the pandemic has been different, with some having been sick with coronavirus themselves, others having lost a loved one to the disease, while others may be experiencing anxiety and depression. 

The most important thing to remember is to stay healthy and safe.  

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Download the 5 Tips to Reopen Your Law Office Infographic here.


Written by SimpleLaw