Maintaining online profiles is an important part of growing your law firm. However, not all reviews will be positive. So, when you do get negative online reviews, there are steps to ensure the negative is turned in to a positive. Or at least, it can be minimized.

Determine if the Review is Legitimate

Many fake reviews lack personal details and specifics about the experience. If you believe it is a fake review, contact the platform where it is posted to report it. Often, negative online reviews are posted in error, often to the wrong profile.

Maintain Your Composure

Remember, how you respond to negative online reviews can leave a lasting impression on current and potential clients Take your time to formulate a polite and effective response. Be certain to put the client first.

Don’t Wait Too Long or Ignore the Review

Responding to posts, both good and not so good, shows clients you value their business. Be certain to respond to online reviews in a timely manner. That goes for the positive reviews, too!

Respond Online, but Handle Offline

Respond with a short, thoughtful comment online. Offer to discuss the experience via phone or in person. Often, clients want to vent or be heard. Be there with a short comment. But make sure to take the discussion offline. For the online negative reviews, the point is to respond online. But not hash it out online.

Apologize for the Negative Experience

A simple apology goes a long way. Make sure you focus the apology on the experience and your hope to make it right. Most of all, be certain to discuss the experience with the client and do what you can to improve it. Often, these experiences are the result of a misunderstanding.

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Written by SimpleLaw