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Learn About SimpleLaw for Clients

By SimpleLaw on 3/9/18 10:30 AM

Built by Attorneys for Attorneys and their clients, SimpleLaw uniquely eliminates redundant tasks, saving time and costs. So, not only is that good for clients, it's good for attorneys. More time on the law. Less on redundant tasks. For clients, we offer some great benefits beyond saving you and your attorney time and cost. With a secure private portal, clients have 24/7 access to their matters. That means you can login, anytime, to see the status of your case. That means greater peace of mind for clients.

Because we are attorneys, we understand what clients want and need, not only to stay informed on their matter, but to save costs, too. Easy access. Information availability. And, most importantly, an effective and efficient resolution of their legal matter.

From looking for and vetting an attorney, SimpleLaw makes it simple. Clients visit our website and can search for an attorney. SimpleLaw ensures attorneys are in good standing with their licensing authority before making the attorney's profile public. Clients can see a full profile of the attorney, including education details, experience, and links to review sites for the firm if any. Then, when the client selects the attorney or attorneys they want to connect with, with a few clicks, clients can connect with multiple attorneys. Through this process, a client portal is created. Through that portal, responses from each attorney are shown in one secure portal. No need to search through your email to see which attorney responded, what they said, and then compare in order to move forward. Everything in one place. Simple.

Once you select the attorney you want to hire, you and the attorney agree on the terms of the engagement. Then, with just one click of a button, a new matter is created, retaining all of the information shared. No need to re-enter any information. A complete elimination of that redundant process of case intake, saving time right from the beginning.

Understanding the status of your case online, 24/7, minimizes the number of phone calls or meetings you need to have with your attorney, saving billable time. The SimpleLaw platform lets clients read notes on their matter, upload documents directly to the attorney's connected cloud-storage platform, see upcoming court or due dates, email and message through the platform, and even request meetings. Clients can also view time spent, invoices, and securely even pay online, right through the platform. 

SimpleLaw makes it simple for clients and attorneys. Leveraging the power of technology, SimpleLaw enables a more efficient resolution of your matter. 

Find out how SimpleLaw connects you with attorneys and saves you money at the same time.

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