Many people who need legal services consult lawyers, but the lawyers they consult often aren’t the ones they hire.  This is undeniably frustrating for lawyers. Even though they provide informative, methodical legal advice about a potential client’s next steps, they don’t get to provide those next steps. And when that happens often enough, this question surfaces in lawyers’ minds: Is it me?

Well, it might be. View this infographic to see how you can improve your conversion of potential clients to clients. Want more info? Read our blog on the same topic.

1. Be where clients are looking: More and more, clients are searching for attorneys online. From the ABA Law Technology Today site, an estimated 33% of potential clients start their search for an attorney online. It goes beyond having a website for your law firm, too. Consider attorney aggregation listing sites like, your bar association, and of course, SimpleLaw.

2. Be quick to respond: We connect with clients daily, since SimpleLaw connects potential clients and attorneys on the same platform where cases and the practice are managed. The top issue from the clients' perspective? Lack of response from attorneys. We get it. There are a lot of potential clients out there that may seem like they are 'fishing' for advice. We challenge attorneys to consider that most people don't need an attorney every day. And the process can be stressful. So what may seem like fishing may well be just trying to understand the process.

3. Be prepared to support them: Having an open legal matter can be quite stressful, even scary, for a client. They are not likely well informed on the process of resolving a legal matter. Help them through it. Or at least send them links to sites where it can be better understood. Or, even better, write some blogs for your potential and current clients that they can refer to. That's also a great tool to gain new clients, too.

4. Follow up with them: After you respond, follow up with them after a few days. Do they have additional questions? Have they selected an attorney? What other questions do they have? 

5. Stay in touch: Whether they hired you to represent them or not, stay in touch. You never know where these connections will lead for future referrals.

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Written by SimpleLaw