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Guide to Protect Your Law Firm Data

By SimpleLaw on 2/14/18 7:58 PM

In this white paper, a deeper look is taken at how to best protect yourself from a potential cyber attack. Cyber attacks can occur anytime. In a recent study by LogicForce, over 50% of 200 law firms stated they do not have a cyber attack response plan. Additionally, 66% reported they experienced cyber infringement. So, what can you do?

Security Training

The first line of defense is your own team. Often, phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks are delivered in the form of email. Train your team to recognize possible attacks. There are many online resources, including TeachPrivacy and SecureCast. These, and many others, offer online training programs.

Policy and Procedures

Establish proper use of your firm's technology resources. Including the use of social media, protection of important personal information, as well as how to share files. As always, the emphasis is on protecting the clients, cases, and firm.

Business Continuity Plans

This is all about disaster recovery. So, create a plan to implement if a malware cyber attack is successful. Make sure you address how you will recover data, files, calendars, and financial information. There is a delicate balance here between safety and cost. Remember, look for online resources to help your planning. There are many available.

Software Security against Cyberattacks

So, this part is a bit technical. But so important. Make sure our technology includes endpoint security agents, firewalls, and internal intrusion detection sensors. Luckily, the software provider can answer these questions. If they don't have them, don't use that software.

Physical Security

Measures such as keycard access and security cameras in the office are a good idea. Remember to protect your physical space, too. Remember, where all the computers, printers, and any printed files are stored is equally important.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the white paper for more details. And, of course, we are here, anytime.

Download the 'Protecting Your Legal Data from Cyber Attacks' White Paper


Written by SimpleLaw