Unfortunately, cyber attacks occur. However, some basic reviews, training, and policies can limit them not only from happening, but also limit their impact. The key is to prepare. And the biggest threat may surprise you. More often than not, it's a user issue. Be careful with emails from new sources or contacts you may not know. Be sure security is set for your incoming emails. 

The key is to prepare.

So, make sure to consider 6 key points when developing our plan on protecting you from cyber attacks.

  1. Understand Security Standards. The key standard is the ISO 27000. Adapting these standards will protect your financial information, intellectual property, third party information and your employee details.
  2. User Training. Many cyber attacks occur due to untrained users clicking on the wrong link in an email. Phishing, malware and viruses spread through contaminated emails. So, make sure your users are trained to recognize bad email.
  3. Develop Policies & Procedures. It doesn't need to be time consuming or too complicated. And, there are several online resources.
  4. Ensure Business Continuity. Does your legal tech provider offer a disaster recovery solution? And, do you have a backup of your own information, stored on a separate device? These are critical if a cyber attack should occur and you lose all of your data.
  5. Review Internal Security. Make sure your technology solution providers offer built-in protection. Obviously, that includes firewalls, encryption and more.
  6. Physical Security. Sometimes, this step is missed. If you share office space, or leave your computer sitting out, you open yourself up to theft of the entire device. So, be careful about your physical space, too.

Some basic steps can make a big difference if a cyber attack should occur. First, spend a few minutes reviewing your current process, if any. Then, access online resources to create policies, complete training, and plan ahead. Finally, make sure you review your policies and procedures at least quarterly. As a result, you will be well prepared. Not to mention maybe even ahead of the game.

Download the 'Protect Your Legal Data from Cyber Attacks' Infographic


Written by SimpleLaw