Acquiring new clients is a continual process for any attorney.  And just as important as obtaining a client is maintaining that connection once their matter is complete.  In this infographic, we will review 5 tips to help you convert potential clients into retained clients, and turn those retained clients into referral sources.

Potential clients need to know where to find you, and most start by searching online. Chances are when a client does an attorney search; they will receive many results. Go to various search engines and see where your legal services come up in a search so you can see what they are seeing. The amount of results can be overwhelming. So how do you make yourself stand out?  Be sure you have an impressive, yet warm and friendly bio. You want to appear professional, but also relatable. Try providing relevant content that shows that you are the expert.

When a client does reach out to you, go beyond the usual response.  It's like when they tell runners training for the Boston Marathon..."when you are going down a hill...go slow, and when you think you are going slow, go even slower."  But in terms of responding to a client think..."be helpful...and when you think you are being even more helpful."  Another words, go above and beyond.  If you email them, maybe include a link to an article that you think might be helpful to them.  Or if you can't take them on as a client, make every effort to refer them to a well respected colleague or at least point them in the right direction as to how they can conduct an effective attorney search.  You and the client may not be a match, but they will remember the effort you made, and will hopefully refer you to their friends and family in the future.

Remember, chances are if a client has reached out to you, they have reached out to other attorneys as well.  After your initial call or meeting, follow up with them just to check-in.  It will not only show that you care but also strengthen your connection further.  And if they do hire you, stay in touch once their matter is complete. Whether through technology or a simple phone call or email.  Chances are when a friend or family member of theirs needs an attorney, they will think of you first.

Download the 5 Tips to Convert a Potential Client to a Referred Client here.





Written by SimpleLaw