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5 Tips to Convert Potential Clients to Retained Clients

By SimpleLaw on 7/10/20 10:23 AM

Acquiring new clients is a continual process for any attorney.  And just as important as obtaining a client is maintaining that connection once their matter is complete.  In this infographic, we will review 5 tips to help you convert potential clients into retained clients, and turn those retained clients into referral sources.

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5 Tips To Reopen Your Law Office Infographic

By SimpleLaw on 7/7/20 10:00 AM

There are so many things to consider when reopening your law office amid the looming COVID-19 crisis. It may seem overwhelming, and honestly a little bit intimidating.  In this infographic, we will review 5 tips to help you reopen your office safely and give your firm some peace of mind.

With so much to think about where do you begin?  Start with 'office access.'  Meaning, is your building allowing tenants back into the building at this time?  If so, how many employees can be in your office at one time?  Next, consider all of the protocols you can put in place to keep your firm healthy.  Inform employees of office safety practices, such as good hand washing and disinfecting practices.  Are masks required at all times?  Or only necessary when in certain parts of the office? 

Monitoring the health of all of your employees will be an ongoing task until...a vaccine? We don't know.  Keep up-to-date with information from your local authorities and encourage consistent two-way communication between you and your employees.  This is one time when it cannot be emphasized enough, if someone doesn't feel well they should stay home...period. 

We hope and pray that once this pandemic is firmly behind us, we won't face anything like this ever again.  But the crisis has left us all wondering...what else could happen?  Now is the time to reflect on what has worked for your firm and what has not.  Are there systems that could be improved to make working remotely run more smoothly?  Do you need to move your documents to the cloud?  Is your invoicing/payment system efficient?  You get the idea. Get feedback from your employees too, so your firm is prepared for whatever may come your way in the future.

Lastly, and possibly most important, keep communication open and ongoing with all of your employees. Check-in with each one individually and gauge where they are mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Everyone's experience during the pandemic has been different, with some having been sick with coronavirus themselves, others having lost a loved one to the disease, while others may be experiencing anxiety and depression. 

The most important thing to remember is to stay healthy and safe.  

For more information about how to reopen your law office safely, read our blog post on the same topic.

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Change Management and Optimizing Your Tech Stack

By SimpleLaw on 6/10/20 5:14 PM

In this white paper, see how the application of change management principles help you not only successfully adopt technology tools, but optimize your entire tech stack.

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Find the Right Technology for Your Law Firm

By SimpleLaw on 4/21/20 2:41 PM

Working remotely requires new processes and procedures for nearly all law firms. Depending on where your firm is in terms of adopting case management software, there may be cracks in the system, or, you may need to start using technology, right now, for the first time. Here, we offer 5 tips to find the right technology for your law firm. 

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5 Tips To Transition a Team to Working Remotely

By SimpleLaw on 3/23/20 1:28 PM

The need to work remotely is suddenly very urgent, with good cause. Technology is a key tool to ensure the health of law firms and lawyers. But it goes beyond the tech to your legal team. Change is not always easy to embrace and sudden change amidst a global pandemic only adds to the challenge. In this infographic, we offer 5 Tips to help transition your team to working remotely. The good news? It involves pizza.

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Five Tips to Build Rapport with Potential Clients

By SimpleLaw on 7/29/19 1:28 PM

Many people who need legal services consult lawyers, but the lawyers they consult often aren’t the ones they hire.  This is undeniably frustrating for lawyers. Even though they provide informative, methodical legal advice about a potential client’s next steps, they don’t get to provide those next steps. And when that happens often enough, this question surfaces in lawyers’ minds: Is it me?

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How To Simplify Your Billing System

By SimpleLaw on 3/26/19 4:30 PM

Just a few simple steps to help you simplify your billing system to deliver greater efficiency to attorneys and give clients a more positive experience. It all starts with understanding where you are spending your time now. From there, just a few simple suggestions to make a real difference in managing the business side of your practice. 

1. Track your time: From the ABA, attorneys spend an estimated 30% of their total workday on billable work. And of that billable time, roughly 81% of it is actually invoiced. And of the total invoiced, only 85% is collected. Correcting even 1 hour of the 'leak' can have dramatic affect on the law firm profitability.

2. Be descriptive with details: There is a big difference between 'Phone Call' and 'Phone call to discuss document needs including document A, B, and C, due to attorney by Date.' Not only does this help you identify the specifics of the phone call discussion by case, it helps the client recall each phone call, so there are fewer questions on the bill.

3. Offer multiple payment options: Checks are great, of course. But offer online payment options, too. And maybe even more than one. There are multiple options out there. LawPay and PayPal are great options.

4. Legal tech: The easiest way to do all of the above? You guessed it. Legal technology. Like SimpleLaw.

Of course, you need to be sure you understand your current processes too. If you do, you are one step ahead. If you don't, it's worth the time to review the process. Take the next billing cycle. Follow the process for one invoice. Remember, there are natural time lags as other work needs attention, too. Be sure to note that as well.

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5 Tips to Maximize Efficiency For Attorneys

By SimpleLaw on 8/30/18 11:32 AM

In this infographic, check out our tips on maximizing productivity for attorneys. From 'eating the frog' to grouping like tasks, using these tips will improve how you use the limited time you have. It goes beyond keeping a tidy to-do list, scheduling time to work on certain tasks, and other more general approaches. Of course, everyone loves a good scheduling tool and we recommend you use one of those, too.

It's important to know where you time is being spent. If you use legal tech that gives you the ability to track your time, be sure to take advantage and track all of your time... even the un-billable. In fact, especially the un-billable. That's where your time can be better focused, after all. Too often attorneys spend quite a bit of their work day - and night - focused on un-billable tasks, including business development, practice management, and general administivia. Understanding how you are spending that un-billable time helps focus your efforts on finding the right tool to address the opportunities. There are lots of ways to monitor your time even if you aren't using a legal tech tool. 

Don't let the distractions that come up keep you from getting the work done, either. It's all about balance, though. Everyone needs a break in the day. So, schedule that time - it doesn't have to be a specific time each day. It can be more task focused - so upon completion of tasks A, B, and C, you take a 10 minute break to simply step back, step out, or grab a cup of coffee or glass of water.

It's time to make your time more productive so you can serve more clients... or maybe enjoy some downtime.

In the end, you will have better outcomes, more time, and build your practice.

Download the '5 Tips to Maximize Efficiency' Infographic here.

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Legal Billing Options and Influencers

By SimpleLaw on 6/20/18 4:47 PM

There are options when determining how to manage legal billing. In this infographic, consider your options. And, review the influencers for the cost. Review the most common forms of billing and what drives each choice. There are benefits to each, depending on the type of matter. The most important piece of advice is to work with your attorney to figure it all out.

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Buyers Guide to Legal Technology

By SimpleLaw on 6/13/18 11:50 AM

Technology continues to transform how cases and practices are managed. Legal tech simplifies many processes and increases efficiency. The right technology delivers greater efficiency to attorneys and higher client satisfaction while balancing the budget and daily needs of the firm. Make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

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The Perks of Bar Association Membership

By SimpleLaw on 6/9/18 1:06 PM

Take an active role in your Bar Association to get the most benefit. The trick is making the time to take advantage of them. Some benefits are truly simple... like Member Benefits that give discounts on various products and services, including legal technology. Others help you stay up-to-date on the latest in law. And, of course, there is the fun stuff - networking and special events. 

Committees and Special Events

Connect with other attorneys, get involved in your trade, and generally, have fun.If you have an interest in another area of law that you aren't yet practicing, this can be a good resource to introduce you to the topic. These connections also help you build your practice and referral network.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Expand your existing skill set or add some new skills. Or both. All organized and ready for you. Sure they are required but look past that. Consider topics you genuinely want to become more experienced in. One of our favorites is technology, but consider practice management, building positive experiences for your clients, and even change management. 

Discounted Programs and Perks

Well, this is a no brainer. From legal practice needs and beyond, many bar associations offer discounts to services you need. Some offer discounts with local business including restaurants, gym memberships, office services, printing, and even local theater. It only takes a few clicks to get those benefits.

Online Resources

So many possibilities! From legal research libraries to case and practice management software, online resources improves your efficiency. And, well, that's always a good thing.

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Attributes to Look For In An Attorney

By SimpleLaw on 6/7/18 4:28 PM

As the saying goes, you don't need an attorney until you need an attorney. Most people begin the search by asking friends and family for recommendations. That is always a good start. However, reviewing online listings and reviews is also helpful. But, it's important to know what you are looking for. Consider the following points to make sure you are informed on the options available to you. Technology has transformed many industries, including legal case management. Harness the time and cost savings to make the most of your legal case budget.

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Tips on Maintaining Your Online Legal Profile

By SimpleLaw on 4/11/18 9:00 PM

How you appear online can vastly affect your practice.  We have a few tips to help maintain your online legal profile. After all, more and more clients are turning to the internet for more information about attorneys, whether they have been referred by a friend or not. The first step is to be sure you are aware of all of your profiles... and monitor them.

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Learn About SimpleLaw for Attorneys

By SimpleLaw on 4/9/18 11:16 AM

Built by attorneys for attorneys and their clients, SimpleLaw improves the efficiency of your law firm and brings clients greater peace of mind. Think of us as an online meeting place. Potential clients, attorneys, and paralegals all connect on the same platform where the case and practice are managed. Simple.

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The Case for Paperless Courts and Cases

By SimpleLaw on 3/31/18 8:59 PM

The most recent technology trend in the courtroom can be summed up in one word: paperless. More and more courts are moving to a paperless system. True, there have been hiccups, but those things happen with paper-based models too. The same can be said for your law firm, whether your courts have moved to a paperless system or not.

Paperless Courts

In 2009, a study in Manatee County, Florida found that e-filing more than 2 million documents per year saved around $1 million. Where did the savings come from? Documents are filed electronically or scanned into the system where judges can then download the information to their laptops.

Unfortunately some states are finding it difficult to switchover.

However, that doesn't mean you can't.

Paperless Cases

There are many advantages to moving to an all-electronic document approach in your firm. Legal technology is addressing this opportunity. The right legal technology provides great cost and time savings, reducing the potential expense to clients, making the law more accessible. And, most importantly, lets the entire firm, whether a solo firm or a large firm, work from any location where they can connect to the internet. Unfortunately, the adoption of legal tech in the United States remains on the lower side.

While courts are still in the process of transitioning here in the United States, the Supreme Court of India is leading the way.

Step by step, review the process for going paperless. In this white paper, review storage options, security needs, file organization, and of course, the switching over process. And, in the end, save time and cost for you and your clients. And create the ability for your law firm to work from any location.

Download 'The Case for Paperless Courts and Cases' White Paper

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Know When to Engage an Attorney -Infographic

By SimpleLaw on 3/19/18 1:27 PM

There are so many options when you are ready to engage an attorney. But how do you know if you need one? Here are 5 points to consider... and they really matter.

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5 Steps to Manage Negative Online Reviews

By SimpleLaw on 3/15/18 10:19 AM

Maintaining online profiles is an important part of growing your law firm. However, not all reviews will be positive. So, when you do get negative online reviews, there are steps to ensure the negative is turned in to a positive. Or at least, it can be minimized.

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Learn About SimpleLaw for Clients

By SimpleLaw on 3/9/18 10:30 AM

Built by Attorneys for Attorneys and their clients, SimpleLaw uniquely eliminates redundant tasks, saving time and costs. So, not only is that good for clients, it's good for attorneys. More time on the law. Less on redundant tasks. For clients, we offer some great benefits beyond saving you and your attorney time and cost. With a secure private portal, clients have 24/7 access to their matters. That means you can login, anytime, to see the status of your case. That means greater peace of mind for clients.

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Protecting Legal Data from Cyber Attacks

By SimpleLaw on 3/4/18 2:02 PM

Unfortunately, cyber attacks occur. However, some basic reviews, training, and policies can limit them not only from happening, but also limit their impact. The key is to prepare. And the biggest threat may surprise you. More often than not, it's a user issue. Be careful with emails from new sources or contacts you may not know. Be sure security is set for your incoming emails. 

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Efficiency

By SimpleLaw on 3/1/18 11:22 AM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an expanding feature of computer systems that simulate human intelligence to perform tasks. It has been constructed to help relieve people from the repetition and redundancy of many tasks. AI has become more recognized due to its advantages in time, expenses and precision. Everyday artificial intelligence includes Amazon’s home-helper Alexa, Siri and Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar check. These save money and time by assisting with a variety of tasks from making phone calls, looking up recipes, playing music, and so much more. The potential results of this technological revolution excites employers and ultimately stews distress in their employees.

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5 Reasons to Choose SimpleLaw Legal Technology

By SimpleLaw on 2/20/18 10:40 AM

We know you have many choices when choosing your legal technology. No doubt, there are a lot of great providers out there. But, not every offering is the same. So, here we summarize the top 5 reasons to choose SimpleLaw for your legal technology.

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Guide to Protect Your Law Firm Data

By SimpleLaw on 2/14/18 7:58 PM

In this white paper, a deeper look is taken at how to best protect yourself from a potential cyber attack. Cyber attacks can occur anytime. In a recent study by LogicForce, over 50% of 200 law firms stated they do not have a cyber attack response plan. Additionally, 66% reported they experienced cyber infringement. So, what can you do?

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5 Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Firm

By SimpleLaw on 9/12/17 2:59 AM

Marketing is a key component to any business, especially law firms.  Legal Marketing is there to promote your business and connect you with more clients.  So, we compiled a list of  marketing techniques you can use to help grow your firm. We know you did not go in to law to learn about marketing, but these simple steps can help you connect with more potential clients and grow your law firm.

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