Legal Document Management

Because we never store your documents, they are more secure and you have full control, 24/7.



Full Control and Greater Security for your documents.

Think of it as an online filing cabinet. Rather, think of it as document management that you actually control. Control storage options, viewing rights, organization, and more, all at the click of a button. That includes moving them whenever (and to wherever) you want. 

SimpleLaw does not store your documents. Ever. That means they are only stored where you decide. And that's an increase in security for your files versus other legal tech platforms. Sure they are visible in SimpleLaw. However, your documents are stored only where you decide. 

Holding your documents hostage in order to retain a monthly subscription fee is just not our style.

We simplify legal document management, not create more headaches for you and your team. And with the ever growing capabilities of technology, we are always looking to enhance this feature. And others!

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Cloud Storage

The SimpleLaw platform works seamlessly with .Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. Simply connect your preferred cloud-storage platform and the documents related to each matter on the SimpleLaw platform are visible to approved profiles. Of course you can mark individual documents as Private or Public, setting unique viewing rights.

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Protect Your Online Data

We are always looking for ways to improve security. Check out this infographic for 5 tips.


Protect Your Data