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Transparent Billing & Payments. 

Put an end to the stress of legal expenses. Sure, you have a general idea of what your legal matter may cost to resolve. But there is that nagging concern... how much do I owe already and how much more will I need to pay?

With SimpleLaw, clients have 24/7 access to their case. That includes viewing recorded billable hours and expenses, invoices, and payments.

Our Automated Time Tracking feature for attorneys gives you hassle-free and transparent billing information, updated in real-time. So you can quickly review your invoices and pay attorney fees right through the SimpleLaw platform, using PayPal or LawPay. Of course, you can work out your specific payment terms and methods with your attorney, too. 

And there is never a fee to the client to use SimpleLaw. Of course, you have to pay your attorney, but not us.

Quickly review your invoices and pay attorney fees right in SimpleLaw. 


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Secure Client Portal

With SimpleLaw, clients have 24/7 access to all of their case information. From any connected device.

See the status of your case, upload case documents, message your attorney, request an appointment, and more, from the secure client portal. 24/7.

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Legal Billing Options & Influencers

There is more than one way to set-up your billing type. Understand your options.


Legal Billing Options & Influencers