Free HubSpot CRM

Connect with clients, current and past, in one integrated place. 



Easily stay connected with clients whether future, current, or past.


The SimpleLaw and HubSpot integration makes it easy for attorneys to manage client connections.


Easily keep track of potential clients.

When potential clients contact your firm, it's easy to add them to the HubSpot CRM. The intake process lets you specify any notes, requests, contact information, and more.


Set tasks by person in your law firm to automate the response process.

Easily set and assign a task to connect with the potential client. Specify the person who is set to follow up, complete with a due date and time.


View emails by contact using a connected email account.

After integrating your Gmail or Outlook account with HubSpot, you can send emails from your account or through the HubSpot app and they will automatically be visible in the integrated HubSpot app on SimpleLaw. So it's easy to track the discussion rather than sorting through your inbox.


Stay connected after the matter is resolved, too.

Past clients are easily added to HubSpot, too, making it simple to stay connected. This will help you build an ongoing referral network, too. 


About HubSpot

No more expensive, difficult, and clunky CRM’s that never get used. Act now to get started completely free of charge with the most lightweight and powerful CRM that you’ve ever seen. There's no contract, credit card, or training required. Just sign up and go.


Once you have your HubSpot CRM setup, follow these instructions to integrate your account with SimpleLaw. 


Questions? Contact us at any time. 


Create Your New HubSpot Free CRM

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