Easy-to-use; Simple; Intuitive. Those words are really all inter-changeable. But some people confuse 'Simple' with 'Basic'. To be clear, Simple is: Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Basic is: Essential foundation or starting point; fundamental. Simple should make things easier, beyond the basics. Let's consider the simple benefits of using case management software.


Ultimately, tech should make getting the job done easier. Case management software is a tool to help you. It shouldn't require any level of technology expertise at all. Consider Apple products. I remember when I got the first iPhone. I literally followed the prompts to get started and from there, it was so simple. And the right technology makes tasks more simple, too.  It's about making the user more efficient, organized, and confident. The right case management software puts the person at ease about the business side of the practice and lets them focus on practicing law.

simple and intuitive 

When you use a truly intuitive technology tool, there is very little need for training. Almost as if you have used it before, you magically know where to go to complete the task at hand. Even better if the platform does even more than you thought. That's why free trial periods are so important. It's your time to give it a shot. See how easy it is to use. We are big believers in demos, of course, because there is some basic level of 'introduction' needed. But once you get the overview, using the software should be super simple and save you serious time. So, whether it's an e-discovery service, case management software, or document management tools, look for a platform that makes sense to you, right from the start.

SIMPLE isn't static

As technology capabilities grow, so should great software. That includes case management software. Look for software that continually enhances its functionality and leverages technology to make things more simple. And as attorneys think of new uses for existing technology, those features should be added. But, to keep it simple, the more 'homegrown' the features are, the easier it is to use. Sure, instant capability from integrations are great. But if the platform is a conglomeration of individual platforms, where is the 'simple' in that, each with their own user interface, processes, etc. Look for software that continues to improve on its own. 


Obviously, we love tech. But, we love people more. Creating technology just to create it is a pretty pointless endeavor. Technology that serves people is really where it's at. The right case management software doesn't replace good old-fashioned human interaction. Unless, of course, that's what you want! So, if you want to pick up the phone and talk to a live person, it should be available. If you prefer to chat, well, that's cool too and should be supported. The real point here? However you choose to connect, it should be a live person as much as possible.

Simple case management software makes time tracking, invoicing, finding on-demand paralegal support, and more easy. It should save you time managing the business side so you can focus on the law. See how we make case and practice management simple.


Written by SimpleLaw