In a recent study by Loeb Leadership on the Law Firm's Adaptation to Remote Working, most law firms are happy with the transition. However, anxiety is on the rise. In the research, Loeb found general anxiety is the single biggest challenge to working remotely. With layoffs in big law, and small law no doubt just not as visible, not to mention working from home when children may be present, it is anxiety producing. We had some great tools created to help attorneys, clients, or anyone really. So feel free to spread the word!

In part two of the series, we focus on our physical health. If your workout was walking to work or maybe popping in to a local gym to get on the treadmill or cross-trainer while you read a brief, those options just aren't viable right now. According to the CDC, physical exercise has both immediate and long-term benefits beyond lowering blood pressure, strengthening muscles, and bones, and those purely physical differences. They also identify higher brain functioning, including thinking clearly, learning, and sharpening judgment skills. Not to mention an immediate reduction in anxiety. So, you see where we are headed here.

We had a certified fitness instructor, Brent Locey of Build It Athletics, create three separate videos specifically for remote working. So if you have 5 minutes or 50, pick one, two, three, or repeat to get as much of a workout as you like. 

  • Upper Body + Core Strength: Upper body strength improves posture, reduces injury risk, and improves overall health. Having a strong upper body improves your flexibility, mobility and range of motion. If your upper body strength deteriorates as you age, you are more prone to injuries, disease and a diminished quality of life. Daily functioning is easier, too, like opening that darn pickle jar. This is a 5-minute repeatable set. Brent demonstrates body weight exercise only or gives you choices on using every day items around your home to create weights. 
  • Lower Body + Core Strength: Lower body strength increases stability and endurance. It also eases everyday movements. Having a strong lower body improves athletic performance, making it easier to jump, run, kick, pivot, balance, accelerate, decelerate and turn. Plus, a strong lower body helps prevent injuries. Daily functioning is easier, too, like rearranging furniture to create your new workplace. This is a 5-minute repeatable set. Similarly, Brent gives you the option to do body weight only or create weights with things around the house.
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): HIIT describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. HIIT efficiently boosts metabolism and can improve cardiovascular health and blood pressure. This approach burns more fat, is a very efficient workout, improves heart health, and so much more. Daily functioning is easier, too, reducing the strain on the cardiovascular system across the board. This is a 5-minute repeatable set, with and without weights.

Find these videos on the SimpleLaw YouTube channel or our Free Resources page on the website. 

Want to find out more about getting physically healthy? Contact Brent Locey via his Facebook page. Want to find out more about SimpleLaw? Contact us any time at or book a demo.



Written by SimpleLaw