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Does the 'best' always win?

By SimpleLaw on 4/30/20 1:15 PM

Topics: technology

In a recent article from the NY Times OnTech, the question of 'What wins?' for various technologies is considered. Obviously, it takes a lot to win in tech these days. Certainly it takes money to spread the word, finding the right partners to help give the product instant credibility, and more. But that doesn't always mean that the product being promoted is the best one out there.

There is no doubt some of the video chat tools out there are pretty envious of Zoom these days. We have used Zoom for quite a while for demos and meetings. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, every single person I know is using Zoom for work and play. Zoom happy hours, zoom classes, zoom cooking sessions, and even game night! It is always great to see other people and connect, but especially now. But given that, why is Zoom winning?

In the article, the author suggests the winner is the one that makes it simple. Tech should just work. That's true for your phone, your email account and your case management software. It should just work. And if it does, it can win.

But without the global pandemic, who would have found Zoom? Necessity is the mother of invention and discovery in today's upended world. People found Zoom because they were looking to fill a need they didn't really have before.

We have certainly seen a big increase in interest for our platform. And, I'm very happy to say, response has been overwhelmingly positive. With lawyers needing to be able to support clients, cases, and the firm through this crazy time, demand has definitely grown. Lawyers have been long reticent to adopt technology. Now, they have little choice but to use technology to keep their law firms healthy. So, yes, in some ways, we are feeling a bit like Zoom these days. There is an urgent need. The right tool makes it simple. 

But we don't have the same budget as our bigger competitors. Many of our demos are with lawyers who hadn't heard about us until very recently. It's tough to be a great product that makes it simple to learn and use without big budgets in our industry. And influencers? Well, they aren't really very open to the new guys, either. But we do believe that in the long run, simple will win. We are sticking to our principle of making sure it's simple for users. The focus should be on the law, not the technology.

When all this is 'over', the world will be different. We will be used to wearing masks, people will wash their hands more often, and we will see hand sanitizer more frequently in our daily lives. Attorneys who have started using case management software will continue to use it, making them more efficient. That means they will be able to serve more clients or maybe even have a bit more time on their hands. Maybe, just maybe, lawyers will use that extra time to spend with family and friends. That may be the best part of this whole crazy time. 


Written by SimpleLaw