Invoice & Payment Management

It's simple to invoice clients and with LawPay, easy for them to pay.


Simple Invoicing & Payments.

Streamline your invoicing and payment processing with SimpleLaw.

Once billable time and expenses are entered, it's super simple to create invoices. 

  • Individual Cases: Create invoices with the click of a button. All entered time and expenses marked as billable are automatically included. Sure you can review and edit them before finalizing the invoice.  Need to make adjustments? That's simple, too.
  • Across Cases: Pick the date range, due date, and cases to include - individually or all cases on the platform. One click and done.

Billing types accommodates all needs.

  • Flat Fee: One invoice and done. 
  • Flat Fee Recurring: Want to spread payments out across a specific number of months? Sure, we can do that. 
  • Hourly: You know the drill. Tracking time is super easy too, with three options to fit whatever you need. 
  • Contingent: You can update the value at any time. 
  • Pro Bono: Look at you doing great things!

And, clients pay invoices right through the platform, with either LawPay or PayPal. 

You can customize your invoices in SimpleLaw to reflect your practice or firm. Choose basic text letterhead or a logo. It's up to you. 

The best part? One LawPay account is included with each law firm's SimpleLaw subscription. 

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Secure Portals

With our secure portals, you and your clients can communicate day or night, from any device. Clients can upload supporting documents and pay invoices via LawPay or PayPal; You can provide them with quick updates on the status of their case. Manage the entire case, and your practice, all in one place! 

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Maximize Your Efficiency

Check out our infographic on how to simplify your billing system, too. 


Simplify Your Billing Systems